A guide to choosing the perfect mattress topper

If you find that your bed isn’t providing enough support than you may have or may want to consider purchasing a mattress topper. This will provide the support that you need for a good night’s rest, at a much lower cost than that of a brand new mattress.

What is a mattress topper?

Very simply, it’s a topper for your mattress, meaning that you simply place it on top of your current mattress and let it do the work. Choosing the right mattress topper is important for comfortability, quality of sleep as well as the quality of the mattress topper itself. Let us have a look at what to consider to buy the perfect mattress topper that you need.

How does a mattress topper benefit you?

Having a lack of support to your body while you are resting, can end with terrible stiffness, back pain, neck pain and the list goes on. Investing in a mattress topper helps promote support throughout the mattress. Without having to buy an entirely new mattress. This additional support will leave you feeling refreshed in the morning with an absence of stiffness and pain that may have befallen you with poor mattress support.

What is the first step to finding the right mattress topper?

Alike to pillows, mattress toppers have various types of materials that they are manufactured from. A list of general materials and brief descriptions to help guide you can be found below:

  • Memory foam mattress topper – providing high levels of support to your body. As well as resistant to vibrations along the bed, meaning that if you have a partner who shares the bed with you. Their tossing and turning will no longer keep you awake!
  • Wool mattress topper – These are known to be astonishingly soft and are perfect for individuals with allergies. These can be particularly pricier, but are also known to have a long lifespan.
  • Down feather mattress topper – These are made of the delicate down feathers of geese or ducks, these are ideal for consumers who wish to add an extra layer of softness to their bed!
  • Latex – These are more firm than soft and also possess hypoallergenic properties – unless of course you have allergens to latex! Great support and promotes proper spinal alignment while sleeping.

What else to consider?

It is also important to remember that mattress toppers can be put to multiple uses in terms of when placed on a bed or when packed up and taken camping, keeping this in mind it is important to consider thickness for both situations as well as the material you will most prefer. Once you have done this you will be one step closer to a great nights rest.

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