Beautyrest Extra Firm Mattress Review (2019-2020)

The Beautyrest extra firm mattress comes with AirCool foams that combine with packed coil technology to give a cool sleeping comfort and maximum back support. It makes sure you don’t feel weak and tired when you get up in the morning.

This mattress has a no-flip design that features energy foam base. The no-flip design makes sure you don’t have to rotate or flip over the mattress for as long as you use it. While the energy foam base offers more support and stability to the mattress.

The mattress is beautifully crafted with PowerBeam bracing triton foundation. This will ensure that your mattress lasts longer with greater strength. You won’t be disturbed by the motion of your partner.

The plush comfort foam is infused with GelTouch which helps to relief pressure. It also helps you to maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature at all times. Sleep on a Beautyrest mattress and wake up the next morning with your energy restored and refreshed.

It is a very firm high-quality mattress. So, if it’s too firm for you, put a memory foam pad on it. This will make it softer at the top and reduce back pain.

Beautyrest extra firm mattress is the best deal for anyone looking for a mattress with an excellent support. It is highly recommended for people with back pain. The mattress has a dimension of 79.5 x 60 x 12.5 inches and weighs 88 pounds.

The manufacturer offers a 20-year limited warranty on this product. So, if somewhere down the line you experience any issue with the mattress, contact the customer service team to get your problem solved.

Pocketed coil technology

It features the Beautyrest pocketed coil technology which helps to relief pressure and promotes conformability. This technology gives an excellent back support and prevents partners from disturbing each other on the mattress by providing motion separation.

AirCool foams

The AirCool foam is designed to allow the easy flow of air throughout the mattress. It comprises a hi-tech mesh border fabric that increases breathability in the mattress.

AirCool BeautyEdge foam encasement is engineered to provide stability and support even at the edge of the mattress. This memory foam conforms to your body and provides relief at pressure point to enable you to move freely.

Transflexion comfort technology

The durability of Beautyrest extra firm mattress is guaranteed by transflexion comfort technology that makes sure that it always feels comfortable even after using it for several years. It ensures that there is no break-in period throughout the lifetime of the mattress.

Limited warranty

The manufacturing company is confident that you’d be satisfied with the quality of this mattress. But if in any case, you notice a defect down the line, you’re covered by the 20-year warranty. In this case, contact the customer service team. This offers more than enough time to confirm the durability of the product.

No-flip design

It comes with energy foam base that gives support and stability to the carefully constructed structure. This makes the mattress durable enough that you won’t have to ever flip or rotate it even after several years of use.

Gel touch foam

One of the layers of the plush comfort foam is incorporated with GelTouch to provide pressure relief when you sleep on it.

PowerBeam bracing

Triton foundation alongside PowerBeam bracing offers superior durability to let you make the most of this mattress. It also provides greater strength and reduced motion.

Unique layers

This Beautyrest mattress is designed with a comfort layer that helps to create the firm comfort level. Quilt layers are sewn to the cover of the mattress. And the upholstery layers are directly on top of the support layer to give you additional comfort. The mattress also features the support layer which is the coil unit that provides you with the support you need.

CertiPUR-US approved

The flexible polyurethane foam in this mattress meets strict health, environmental, and safety standard. It has been tested in the laboratory and certified to meet standards for content, durability, and emission.

The mattress contains CertiPUR-US approved foam. This means that the foam is made without ozone depleters and prohibited phthalates. It also means that it is made without lead, mercury, and heavy metals.

What we dislike about Beautyrest extra firm mattress

This extra firm mattress cannot be used with an adjustable bed frame.