Beautyrest Plush Firm Mattress Review (2019-2020)

Beautyrest plush mattress is a plush pillow-top with gel touch. It is a durable mattress that gives both support and comfort.

It comes with AirCool memory foams and AirCool foams encased in a luxurious and durable cover to offer you a comfortable sleeping temperature.

This mattress has an advantage over a non-pillow top plush bed because it provides more comfortable experience when you use it. You don’t have to worry about back pain because the blended latex band at the center third gives additional back support.

Inside this mattress is the plush Beautyrest pocketed coil designed to give independent support. This allows you to maintain a comfortable and proper sleeping position all night long.

Beautyrest plush firm mattress is available with a ventilated foam encasement that allows breathability. This encasement that covers the AirCool memory foams and AirCool foams feature mesh material border work for more durability.

The handles found on this plush firm mattress make life easy for you. You can easily adjust them at any point in time to suit your desired position.

Pocketed coil springs

The 800 density Beautyrest super pocketed coil springs enable motion separation. Your partner’s movement on the mattress will not affect you whether you’re asleep or awake. This allows the both of you to make the most of your halves.

Edge support

This high-quality mattress encased in a durable cover gives edge support. You can sit comfortably on the edge and use your laptop without bothering about sinking.

Energy foam layer

Beautyrest plush pillow top firm mattress is constructed with an energy form layer that offers extra durability to maximize your comfort. The energy foam features no-flip construction. This means that even after a long use, you won’t need to flip over your mattress due to sinking.

Other important features

  • The mattress weighs 100 pounds
  • It is made in USA
  • The dimension measures 75 x 54 x 13 inches
  • It is 15 inches high above the ground
  • It is comfortable and very thick

What we dislike about Beautyrest plush firm mattress

Finding a sheet large enough to fit a mattress of this size is quite challenging.

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Buyer opinions

A buyer confirmed that the mattress is, indeed, soft plush top. This buyer also compared the mattress to a similar one and was very pleased to have opted for this one. Even though he was initially wary of purchasing it from Amazon

One customer who frequently travels and sleeps in nice hotels preferred this mattress to the ones he uses in the hotels. He’s always happy to be home and go to his bed

According to one customer, Beautyrest plush firm mattress makes going to bed such a delight. This customer expressed his love for this mattress. And also narrated how his sister and her husband continued to give good comments for up to 6 months after they obtained theirs

In the opinion of one other customer, the mattress is not too hard and not too soft. It is super comfortable, according to the buyer. He started having a great night sleep when he purchased this mattress. Now, he doesn’t toss or turn around at night.

A mother who purchased the mattress for her daughter stated that her daughter seemed to get a better night sleep since she started using the mattress. She, however, complained about the delivery as it came too late. Over 8 days after the guaranteed delivery date. She recommended the mattress to other customers but insisted that they should buy from another seller

Another mother who also purchased the mattress for her daughter narrated that she went for the mattress based on reviews. And was glad she did. Because her daughter was pleased with it

Pros of buying mattress online

  • Higher quality: In most cases, mattresses sold online are often of a higher quality than those in the stores. They are more durable and have a long-term comfort.
  • Shopping Convenience: Buying a mattress online does not require your physical presence in any store. You can order the mattress of your choice right from the comfort of your room. Even after the purchase, you don’t have to worry about shipping it to your home yourself. It will be delivered to your doorstep.

Cons of buying mattress online

  • Old mattress take away: Online retailers don’t offer old mattress take away like the mattress stores. Only a few online companies like offer this service.
  • Personal Assistance: In mattress stores, you get in-person interaction with a knowledgeable salesperson who will answer all your questions. This is not the case with online retailers. Except in some few online companies where you can have a live chat with a real customer representative.
Beautyrest Plush Firm Mattress Review (2019-2020)