Bed Rest Pillow

When most people think about reading in bed, it conjures up images of the body propped up with pillows against the headboard – and the resulting neck and back soreness that is often experienced the following morning. It often seems such a step price to pay for such a simple nighttime pleasure. There has to be a better way to relax and enjoy a good book or magazine before drifting off to sleep! Well, the fact is that a better way does exist – and it is as simple as purchasing bed rest pillows. If you’ve never heard of a bed rest pillow before, keep reading because having one of these pillows may just save you from endless mornings with chronic pain.

A pillow with arms

Bed Rest Pillow
Bed Rest Pillow

The first time you see bed rest pillows, you may find them somewhat odd in appearance. The standard bed rest pillow has armrests on the side that make it look almost like a little chair – perhaps one that you might use for an infant. There is, however, a valid reason for their odd appearance and design. What they are is nothing more or less than pillows with high backs and outcroppings on the sides upon which you can rest your forearms and elbows while reading. Ergonomically designed for your personal comfort, they enable you to have the extra support you need while reading in bed, and we all know how important ergonomics is in ensuring our overall health and well-being.

Relieve your stress

From your neck to your spine and lower back, these bed rest pillows can allow you to lay back in comfort without the stress that usually comes from attempting to sit half-erect in a bed with no support for your arms or head. That position not only causes pain, but can be a source of incredible stress as well. It is just frustrating to try to maintain a comfortable posture when you are in what is essentially an uncomfortable position. And no matter how you try to arrange your regular pillows, they just never seem to get the job done! That’s where these pillows become indispensible assets in your bedtime reading routine.

Other uses as well

Since you are paying for your bed rest pillows, you might as well get the maximum possible use out of them. Besides reading in bed, they are also very handy to use in your car – particularly if you do a lot of long-distance driving. Anyone who has ever driven for an extended period of time is familiar with the back and neck pain and cramps that come from sitting in even the most comfortable car seats for that long. One of these pillows can provide the extra support you need in the driver’s seat to ensure that your back muscles and spine are well-protected during the drive. When the drive is over, you simply take them back to the house. Even if you’ve gotten them dirty, you need only remove the outer covering and toss it into the washing machine, preparing it to go back onto your bed.

Get yours today

Finding bed rest pillows is simple. A cursory search online will produce a variety of online stores that offer these pillows for sale – you simply have to choose which style and color you want, and then compare prices and models until you find the perfect pillows for you. Though the concept may take some getting used to at first, you will soon find your bed rest pillows such an integral part of your evening reading activities that you will wonder how you ever managed to get along without them.