5 Best Extra-Firm Mattresses for Back Pain

Most Americans today suffer from back pain. Unfortunately, a large percentage of those who suffer from (chronic) back pain have no idea what causes the back pain and instead, continue to change sitting chairs and sofas.

However, a recent research conducted in the US showed that more than 90% of back ache/pain cases are as a direct result of poor sleeping habits/patterns, especially the fact/reality of sleeping on a bed or mattress that does not properly support the back.

The authors of the research went further to state that since we are mostly unconscious during sleep, it is pretty difficult isolating the fact that a certain mattress or bed is the culprit. However, when we wake up, the reality is all over us – back pain/ache that is as horrible as if we never even rested for a minute all through the night!

This article will this focus on how to eliminate such back ache by opting for awesome and smart mattress/bed choices that properly support the back, giving it no room to wallow into the manner of discomfort that eventually proves deadly when we wake up.

How Do Extra Firm Mattresses Help to Cure Back Pain?

When in rest – or action, the spine is supposed to be properly aligned.

Unfortunately, a bed that is not firm does not ensure this, causing a misalignment during sleep. This misalignment greatly hurts the spinal cord – the reaction of which is an ache when one is finally awake and conscious.

To tackle this challenge, an extra-firm mattress is recommended. When using one to sleep on at night – or whenever you desire rest, the spinal cord is properly aligned and the back at full ease and completely rested The net result of this is that, when you eventually wake up, you do not feel the pressure that would have built up, if you had managed to misalign your spinal cord during the rest process.

Things to Consider When Buying an Extra-Firm Mattress

Before you invest your money into an extra-firm mattress with the aim of tackling your back ache, there are important things that should be considered. The following four (4) points will certainly be a guide to an impressive quality that will certainly last you for a long time to come.


  1. Insist on a model that is at least, 6 inches thick. For back pain issues, the thicker the better. With that logic, it would be smarter to opt for a more impressive model, sporting, say 8 inches and above. Remember, the rule is that, the more inches, the thicker. The thicker, the better.
  2. Stay free from models that have VOCs deployed in the course of their production. Such models have unwanted smell that makes use unpleasant in the first weeks and completely impossible during the first few days. You will be glad you avoided such models.
  3. Opt for models that offer impressive warranty on their products. Generally, a warranty period of 10 years is common but it is not completely uncommon to find models that offer up to 25 years. The rule here is simple: the longer the warranty period, the more the manufacturer is willing to stick out its neck for the product. The longer the manufacturer is willing to stick out its neck, the surer you are that you are dealing with a durable product.
  4. Finally, keep an eye on industry level certifications that indicate quality, durability etc. For example, a mattress that is CertiPUR-US certified is likely to be more durable than a model that is not.

Best Extra-Firm Mattresses for Back Pain: Our Top 5 Picks

Carefully reviewed below are the best extra-firm mattresses for back pain. Here, you will find out that the mattresses listed are supported by the features listed immediately above. If you are having back pain and it won’t simply go away, you are welcomed to pick any mattress of your choice here.

Here we go:

1. Queen Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Lydia Manor II Extra Firm Mattress

The Queen Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Lydia Manor II Extra Firm Mattressis the very first on our list for very good reason: it is one of the best mattresses guaranteed to relieve back ache that is inspired as a result of a bad bed or a mattress that does not rest or align your spin properly.

The mattress is supportive and completely comfortable to the body. In addition to this, it is very firm to the body ensuring that the spine is properly rested and the spinal cord aligns properly during sleep and other manner of rest. When you add the fact that it is perfect for all manner of sleepers, it becomes clear that you are discussing one of the very best models available today.

What we like

  • Awesome support.
  • Very comfortable and soft on the body.
  • Very firm to sleep; ensuring proper spinal alignment.
  • Perfect for all manner of sleepers.
  • Plush and firm enough to support all manner of users, regardless of their age or conditions.

What we dislike

  • Some customers would have loved this mattress firmer than it already is.
  • Other customers opined that the shipping of this mattress wasn’t particularly fast.

Buyer opinions

Customers of this mattress opined that it is supportive, very firm and on the whole super comfortable. They also loved the fact that the mattress perfectly fits all manner of sleepers whether they are side, belly or back sleepers.

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2. Zinus Responsive Memory Foam 10 Inch Firm Universal Comfort Support Mattress

The Zinus Responsive Memory Foam 10 Inch Firm Universal Comfort Support Mattress comprises of 2 inches of Viscolatex responsive foam, 1 inch of memory foam, 2 inches of HD support foam and 5 inches of high density base foam. A soft luxurious cover comes standard. With these impressive features, one thing is sure and certain: a comfortable night’s rest will never be a challenge to you again.

Further, the mattress is certified by CertiPUR-US for durability, performance and content. Further, it comes with a standard 10 year warranty – an indication that the manufacturers are really interested in standing by their words when it comes to ensuring the quality of their product and making certain that back ache as a result of a poor mattress is history to you, completely.

What we like

  • CertiPUR-US certified for content, quality and durability.
  • Responsive and ultra-durable sleep surface.
  • 10 year warranty.
  • Classic pressure relieving.
  • Soft luxurious cover that provides a plush, soft feeling when used.

What we dislike

  • The edges of the mattress are not as firm as some users would have loved.
  • Some users complained that the mattress ‘inflated’ a little longer than the listed time.

Buyer opinions

The users and customers of this mattress opined that it is firm, comfortable and ensures that they sleep like a baby. Further, customers also opined that since they started using the mattress, they discovered that back pain was no longer an issue in their lives again.

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3. Sleep Inc. 13-Inch BodyComfort Select 2000 Luxury Extra Firm Mattress

The Sleep Inc. 13-Inch BodyComfort Select 2000 Luxury Extra Firm Mattressis listed as one of the very best back pain relieving mattress here for very good reason. The mattress is engineered with a 5-Zone convoluted foam for active support and superior luxurious feeling; a reality rare in other mattresses. Further, it is worthy of note to state here that the mattress is handcrafted in the US and comes with an impressive 10 year warranty – enough to allay your worst fears, should you have any.

Further, the mattress is presented in 3 sizes; all covered with a luxurious TENCEL cover that provides moisture management and a silky finish that is comfortable to even the most sensitive of skins. These manufacturing efforts lead to one thing and one thing alone: supreme comfort/undeniable durability that can be matched with very few rivals today.

What we like

  • 10 year warranty.
  • 3 size options.
  • 5-Zone convoluted foam for active support.
  • Handcrafted in the US.
  • Gel infused lumbar band.
  • Luxurious TENCEL cover that is awesome even on the most sensitive skins.

What we dislike

  • Shipping of the mattress, according to some customers, is not very fast.
  • Overweight/obese customers did not particularly enjoy this mattress because of their weight.

Buyer opinions

Users of this mattress loved the fact that it was hand made in the US. Arising directly from this fact, they also appreciated its high quality and further opined that sleeping on it was very enjoyable. In conclusion, they held that the price is great for the product too.

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4. LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

The LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress is a perfect choice for those with back ache as a result of a poor mattress choice. The mattress is manufactured in a manner that it sports a 6” foam primarily. In addition to this, there is a further 2” comfort layer of premium memory foam and further, 4” high density base foam (according to the various style-names selected). 7 (seven) sizes are standard leaving users with a wide array of choices.

Conveniently shipped and easy to set up, this mattress is CertiPUR-US certified and comes standard with an impressive 25 year warranty.

What we like

  • 25 year warranty.
  • Firm support base with memory foam comfort layer.
  • Various layers of foam for optimal comfort and supreme durability.
  • Conveniently shipped and super easy to set up.
  • CertiPUR-US certified.
  • 7 size options.
  • Soft breathable cover.
  • Responsive open cell memory foam.

What we dislike

  • This mattress does not suit very obese users. If you are horribly obese, you would be better served by another mattress type/brand.
  • This mattress does not also tolerate overuse. Accordingly, the maximum number of persons who should sleep on it per night is 2 (and a baby, maybe). However, overusing will severely reduce its overall lifespan.

Buyer opinions

The customers of this mattress opined that it is extremely comfortable and far exceeded their expectations. On the whole, they are very satisfied with the purchase.

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5. Olee Sleep 10 Inch Cool I-Gel Foam Top Innerspring Mattress 10SM01Q

The Olee Sleep 10 Inch Cool I-Gel Foam Top Innerspring Mattress 10SM01Q is an awesome hybrid mattress that combines the best of memory foam with the best of spring mattress – serving the particular group of users who like their mattress soft but not particularly plush. Offered in four (4) various sizes (full, king, queen and twin), users do not only get the best of two (2) worlds, the also get the best of sizes, deciding on the perfect option that best suits them or their beds.

Providing contoured support of your vertebrae while you sleep, this mattress makes certain that you do not wake up with any sort of back ache or pain. Quality wise, a 10 year warranty is standard to allay any of your fears, should you have any.

What we like

  • 10 year warranty.
  • Hybrid reality.
  • Contoured support for the back.
  • Elimination of motion disturbance.
  • Equal weight distribution.
  • Incredible comfort.

What we dislike

  • Some customers argued that the mattress is some inches less than advertised.
  • Other customers opined that the mattress is a little too hard for their individual taste/liking.

Buyer opinions

Buyers of this mattress opined on the average that, it is neither too soft nor too slim. Further, it is their contention that the mattress is durable, comfortable, worth the buy and for others, the very best mattress they have expended money on yet.

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The number one culprit, when it comes to back ache, is your mattress.

The good thing is that, this article has dealt with this matter in a comprehensive manner. It is thus hoped that you’ll do the needful and save yourself from unnecessary back ache or worse, an expensive (and avoidable) visit to the doctor.

Happy shopping.