Best Extra Firm Pillows (2017 Buyer’s Guide)

Good sleep is rare today.

Unfortunately, it is next to impossible to perform well in whatever task you need to undertake is you fail to get adequate rest the night before. Even soldiers at the battle front make certain to sleep properly and restfully before any major attack.

Many Americans today, however, do not bother to inquire into what makes great sleep. Fortunately, we have and have discovered that great sleep consists primarily of:

  1. great mattress – details of which we have treated previously.
  2. A great (extra firm) pillow on which to rest the thought storehouse (your brain) – which we will treat in the present article &
  3. Great peace of mind – which we will treat at a later date.

What are Extra Firm Pillows?

Extra firm pillows are pillows that are engineered in such a manner as to deflect both body weight and heat during use, ensuring perfect sleep in a manner that a conventional pillow can never match up.

The net result of their use is a feeling tantamount to a cooling system placed around the head of a sleeper to regulate temperature and ensure that besides physical comfort, the temperature around the head does not either rise or fall above a set target – which is room and weather determined.

Advantages of Extra Firm Pillows

An extra firm pillow has much to offer by way of advantages. However, the following are the biggest of its advantages:

  • An extra firm pillow is This means that, it provides a rare manner of support to the head that conventional pillows cannot.
  • Extra firm pillows also work on the principle of pressure relief. This means that, the pillow rests your head (in relation to other body parts) equally – without unduly giving preference of one or the other. This ensures better sleep and a body-pain free day!
  • An extra firm pillow does not transfer motion. This no motion transfer feature ensures that when you share a bed (with such pillows) with a partner on a mattress, he/she tossing about does not in any way affect or disturb you. For you, this means perfect sleep J
  • Extreme durability. The average extra firm pillow lasts a good 15 years (at least) with many models and pieces lasting well over 25 years.

Disadvantages of Extra Firm Pillows

While extra firm pillows are awesome overall, there are some disadvantages they have that should be noted and properly understood:

  • Extra firm pillows can be heavier than their traditional counterparts, overall. However, the difference is weight is negligible – being less than 25% overall. This should not bother anyone however since they can easily be moved about, despite their being heavier than usual models.
  • Some models of extra firm pillows carry a distinct and uncomfortable smell for a few weeks after purchase and use. This is as a result of VOCs in the product. To get around this, new extra firm pillows can be exposed in a spare room for 2 -3 weeks before use. However, kindly note that this odor is minor and does not bother many. Note too that newer models of extra firm pillows manufactured presently are devoid of toxic VOCs and accordingly, present no odor to the final user.
  • Finally, extra firm pillows are overall, more expensive than their traditional counterparts. To walk around this, users rely on deals and discount retail stores where the price is usually a fraction of the normal retail price. Aside deep discounts however, the fact that extra pillows last way longer than their conventional counterparts is reason enough to justify the steep investment.

Best Extra Firm Pillows: Things to Consider Before Buying

Before you open your wallet and decide on an extra firm pillow, there are some basic things you need to consider first. Carefully outlined below are the most important of such considerations:

  1. First, get a pillow with awesome warranty…if you are going to invest in something awesome, it should come with great warranty.
  2. Insist on a model that is breathable. With such a model, heat is drawn away from your head (and chest areas) ensuring that you sleep cooler, overall.
  3. Finally, stay away from models with harmful odors as a result of the VOCs they are manufactured from/with. The good news is that, most of the models available today are completely odor free!

While these 3 points are important to take particular note of, it is worth understanding that the specific models reviewed in this post all meet the three criteria featured here. You are thus spared the headache of bothering to check yourself.

…all you need to do is pick the exact model/make that appeals to your sense of comfort, ship it to your home and start getting super awesome sleep sessions!

Best Extra-Firm Pillows: Our Top 5 Picks

After painstaking research and practical use by us and our friends, we have outlined the 5 best extra-firm pillows money can buy at the moment.

Enjoy our thorough and super objective review:

1. Zestilk White Goose Down and Feather Extra Firm Pillow

The Zestilk White Goose Down and Feather Extra Firm Pillow come in a bundle of 2’s. This pillow set is particularly primed and perfected for all manner of sleepers and importantly, comes standard with a promise that it will not go flat or cause aches as a result of poor resting of the head during sleep.

The pillows themselves are engineered in such a manner that the feathers that constitute it are kept from poking out and causing inconvenience. It thus ensures a super comfortable support for both the head and neck and accordingly, ensures a wonderful sleep, even for very sensitive sleepers.

What we like

  • Machine washable.
  • 100% wool shell that keeps the feathers from poling through the pillows.
  • Firm and super supportive.
  • Soft and very comfortable for both neck and head.
  • Ideal for back, stomach and side sleepers.
  • Ability to compress for shipping, storage and movement.

What we dislike

There is nothing that we dislike about these pillows…they are clearly perfect. The good thing is that customers and users are also of the same opinion.

Buyer opinions

The overall opinion summary of buyers of this pillow is simple: fast shipping, quality product, too good for the price and more than what they EVER expected. It is also worth mentioning that buyers/customers of this pillow are clearly and unconditionally in love with it.

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2. Beautyrest Extra Firm Pillow

Beautyrest Extra Firm Pillows are super soft to the touch, provide all night comfort, ensure extra firm support and importantly, are filled and finished in the USA. The net import of these facts is quality sleep that is quite difficult to get when using any other pillow type or brand.

Filled with NaturesLoft Fiberfill, this pillow ensures the type of luxurious comfort that is only found when you spend the night in a 5 star hotel. When you add up its machine wash-ability and the fact that it is meant to be used daily – you are clearly looking at the lacking ‘sleep component’ that you need to introduce in your life.

What we like

  • Machine wash-ability.
  • Super luxurious feel and 5 star reality.
  • Extra firm support.
  • Support for head, neck and spine.
  • Soft to the touch.

What we dislike

  • Some users would appreciate more firmness from this pillow.
  • Some customers (who are heavy sleepers), complained that after several months of use, the pillows ‘lessened out’ a bit.

Buyer opinions

The majority of users of this pillow opined that it is indeed very thick and fluffy, helping with the process of falling asleep and actually staying asleep. However, extra heavy sleepers (especially those who also double as overweight) do not particularly enjoy these.

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3. Melange Home 21-Inch by 28-Inch Density Extra Firm Pillow

The Melange Home 21-Inch by 28-Inch Density Extra Firm Pillow is a 100% pure cotton, made in the US pillow. Possessing special support for side sleepers, it has already earned its mark and respect amongst users, especially users who sleep using their sides.

It also possess a very beautiful design that is hard to ignore; a design that will ensure that users transit from consciousness to sleep in the most sweet manner and also wake up energized and completely inspired.

What we like

  • 100% pure cotton.
  • Highly corded gusseted to help maintain its shape.
  • Made in the US.
  • Additional support for neck and spine (for those who love sleeping at their sides).
  • Extra beautiful design.

What we dislike

There is absolutely nothing to dislike about these pillows. The good thing is that the customers and buyers who purchased and actively used the pillows also completely agree.

Buyer opinions

The users and customers of these pillows love them, 100%. From the opinions published, side sleepers appreciate the pillows more than anything and are supremely appreciative of the fact that they now sleep and wake up without any manner of ache, back or otherwise.

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4. Luxury Sealy Extra Firm Density Pillow

The Luxury Sealy Extra Firm Density Pillow is a truly luxurious pillow that comes in a twin pack. Available in two distinct sizes (standard and king), the pillow set provides comfort for both head and neck in a manner that is difficult to replicate with other pillows – thanks to the special input – and special consideration that was given to its manufacture.

Additionally, the pillow holds its shape very well and is machine washable – meaning that you are spared the stress of hand washing when eventually it gets dirty and needs cleaning to look new and sparkling again. Further, the extra firm feel of the pillow is completely perfect for all sleeping patterns, especially, side sleeping.

What we like

  • Extra firm density…this is perfect for all sleeping patterns, especially side sleeping.
  • Twin pack of 2 pillows.
  • Machine washable and dryable.
  • Ability to hold original shape for a very long time.
  • Very comfortable for both back and neck.

What we dislike

  • These pillows are not as firm as most customers would have loved.
  • Some users complained that the pillows are too light for them.

Buyer opinions

The overall buyer opinions on this pillow is to the effect that they are firm and full, providing superior night’s rest, especially for side sleepers. Buyers of the pillow also opined that they loved the fact that the pillows are machine washable, made in the US and most importantly, the fact that the pillow ensures that users are well rested every time they are used.

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5. FIRM Exquisite Hotel Luxury Plush Down – Alternative King Size Pillow

When you visit a hotel (especially, a 5 star hotel), the bed and pillows appear to be of a special variant – ensuring deeper and more restful sleep than you have ever had the privilege of experiencing. Usually, you imagine that such awesome beddings and pillows can only be found in hotels and that your home can never be that comfortable. If this is you, the FIRM Exquisite Hotel Luxury Plush Down – Alternative King Size Pillow will certainly surprise you, positively.

Made in the US and manufactured without any allergens, the FIRM Exquisite Hotel Luxury Pillow has a steady shape – which holds out well and ages with grace. Aside the awesome and impressive shape, the pillow caters for all sleeping positions and does not disturb you or a partner when in use, thanks to its shift free construction.

What we like

  • Zero allergens.
  • Steady shape that offers no stiffness.
  • Shift free construction: this does not disturb you or a partner when you sleep – even if you’re a very heavy and active sleeper.
  • Caters for all sleeping positions.
  • Made in the US. The quality is thus guaranteed.
  • 100% cotton.

What we dislike

  • The pillow is slightly biased towards side and back sleepers.

Buyer opinions

As at the time of writing this review, there are no published buyer opinions of this pillow online yet. However, with the awesome and super impressive features of the pillow beautifully listed on its offer page, it is difficult not to conclude that it is well worth your time, money and sleep time.

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A good pillow (as a good mattress) is central to the overall quality of sleep you get every night. Your productivity the next day is also directly proportional to the quality of sleep you get the previous night. If you desire a super productive day, you have already been given the blueprint in this post. Happy shopping.