Folding Mattresses Offering Comfort, Convenience And Portability

Folding mattresses offering comfort, Convenience and portability. While a good night’s sleep should be the main concern in the life of any person, other aspects should also be considered in order to maximize the value of the person’s sleeping space.

Comfort is often the main aspect that should be considered, but convenience, value for money and portability are often also factors that should be taken into consideration, especially when a person has a limited budget and a restricted amount of space available.

In such a case, a folding mattress may the perfect solution that would not only help the person save on space, but also add additional convenience – such as while traveling or while having friends over. Folding mattresses come in different types, sizes and shapes.

Thus, a person is given the opportunity to choose from various styles in order to find something that perfectly suits their space, requirements and budget.

Best Folding Mattresses in 2019-2020

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BrandMaterialSize(s)Our Rating
LUCIDMemory FoamTwin, Full, Queen
MilliardFoam FurnitureTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King
MERAXFoamTwin, Full, Queen
MilliardFoamTwin XL, Queen, Toddler
Magshion Futon FurnitureFoamTwin, Full, Single

Benefits Of Buying A Folding Mattress

Buying a folding mattress does not necessarily mean you want to put it on your bed and sleep on it every night. These mattresses have many benefits that can give any person the perfect opportunity to be the hero at any event that requires something comfortable to sit on. Let’s take a look at some of the best benefits that a folding mattress has to offer:

  • The best benefits are the fact that they are extremely convenient and portable mattress, and can be used for every occasion.
  • Some models have several layers of foam inside, which means they are very comfortable to sleep on – even if you want to use it to sleep on every night.
  • Many folding mattresses are much more affordable than regular mattresses, which means they offer better value for your money. Even if a folding mattress is priced similarly to a regular mattress, consider the fact that you do not have to buy a regular mattress and a separate mattress for camping and sleeping out – this also means extra value for your money.

Best Uses For A Folding Mattress

The purchase of a folding mattress comes to mind for different reasons. While one person may consider buying a folding mattress in order to save space, another may choose as they often sleep out or go on camps.

There are many uses for these mattresses and one mattress can often be used for multiple events – for example, buying a foldable mattress to help save on space may also come in handy when going on a camp or even when setting up a bed in front of the television for a night of movies. I personally use folding mattresses for some of the following functions:

  • Personally, I find that a foldable mattress can save a lot of space. It can be folded to fit a single bed for added comfort, but can also be folded open to fit a double bed, thus adding more space whenever it is needed. This feature does, however, depend on the specific type and size of a specific folding mattress. Some folding mattresses may be larger, while others may be smaller.
  • Whenever I go out to friends during the weekend or even for just one night, my foldable mattress comes in handy and is much more comfortable than sleeping on the couch.
  • When I have friends over, my sleeping mattress offers them an excellent level of comfort.
  • Camping out can be uncomfortable, especially when the only objects you have to sleep on (or in) is a sleeping bag. With the portability my folding mattress offers me, it’s easy to take it with me and sleep comfortably while camping.
  • My friends often come over for a night of movies. Since my lounge suit doesn’t have space for everyone, some would’ve had to sit on the hard floor if it weren’t for my folding mattress.
    Factors To Consider Before Buying A Folding MattressWhen buying a folding mattress, is it important not to simply go out to your local furniture store and pick up the cheapest folding mattress or the very first one that catches your eyes. While some of these mattresses may seem stylish or very convenient at first, it is important to consider some factors before you make a final purchase so that you do not regret your purchase later on. Let’s go through some of the most important factors that I find affect the value and convenience of your purchase when shopping for a folding mattress:
    • Do not start by looking at the style of the mattress, but rather at the convenience and comfort. While a stylish mattress may seem like an excellent idea, especially if it perfectly fits in with your furniture style and home décor, it may not always be the best idea. Remember that you can always add a cover to the mattress, later on, to better fit your décor.
    • The first factor that you want to consider is the material used on the inside and outside of the mattress. A simple spongy inside would quickly wear out and soon you’ll find yourself lying on the floor, but a mattress with several layers can last for longer and provide you with much more comfort. You should, however, also take your budget into consideration. If you are on a very tight budget, you may still be able to purchase a mattress with multiple layers, but they may be multiple sponge layers without any special material, such as memory foam.
    • The convenience of the mattress is also important. You are buying a folding mattress for a reason – you need something that will save you space and be portable.

Top 3 Best Foldable Mattress

The Milliard Folding Mattress

The Milliard Folding Mattress
The Milliard Folding Mattress

Probably the most worthy economical choice you can make when you’re looking to buy a folding mattress that isn’t going to threaten to break your bank account into tiny little pieces, the Milliard folding mattress comes in a variety of different sizes, with a soft removable machine wash friendly cover, and a nonslip bottom that allows your guests to enjoy a really stable and comfortable night’s sleep without having to worry about sliding all over the place. this bed also knowing as a tri fold mattress.

About 6 inches thick when it is folded out completely (and just 12 inches thick when it has been folded up for storage), there’s just enough support here to make every single year mattress you’ve ever had completely obsolete by offering a much more traditional mattress option for your guests. This is definitely one of the best folding mattress 2017 options available.

The LUCID Folding Mattress

The LUCID Folding Mattress

A twin size folding mattress (after it has been completely folded out for use), this four-inch mattress is made out of high density support foam that the going to feel a lot like an inner spring mattress without the springs! This mattress is a very comfortable folding foam mattress.

The overall weight of this folding mattress remains relatively low compared to traditional mattresses, even though it is rather dense and able to offer plenty of stability that isn’t going to exist in the air mattresses. Sure, it’s a little bit heavier and a little bit more stable than and air mattress, but that’s what makes it such a pleasure to sleep on every single night.

The MERAX Folding Mattress/Sofa

The MERAX Folding Mattress/Sofa

One of the coolest folding mattresses, this particular option is completely redesigned for 2017 and is not only a queen sized mattress but it also happens to be a queen sized sofa, giving you the opportunity to add quite a bit of extra flexible seating to your place while also being able to open it up as a mattress for guests that are going to be spending the night. this bed also knowing as a tri fold mattress.

The foam used in this folding mattress is much stiffer than what you’ll find in many other options because it is intended for heavy-duty usage as a sofa. Guests will want to expect a very supportive night of sleep as opposed to say a memory foam or air mattress experience. This is a little bit on the other side of that soft scale, though it isn’t uncomfortable by any stretch of the imagination.

Tips On Choosing The Perfect Folding Mattress

Unfortunately, there is no perfect folding mattress. The requirements and budget of every buyer defer, thus, a mattress that works for one person may not work for another. This list of tips will definitely come in handy when you are looking for the perfect folding mattress:

  • Folding mattresses are quite popular, which means there is a good chance that they would be on promotion at some stores. Do not be too hasty when making a purchase. You may even visit different shops and ask them to contact you if they do run a promotion on foldable mattresses.
  • Online stores are also an option. Many people only visit local stores in order to see what is available – they tend to forget that the internet is also full of opportunities and special deals. Once you have visited different stores in your town, take a look on the internet before you make a decision., for example, has a variety of folding mattresses available and, due to the fact that they are portable, shipping charges might not be as expensive as it would be in the case of a regular mattress.


Convenience, value for money and portability is the main aspects that people look for when buying a folding mattress. This is why it is important to shop around and not to be hasty when buying such a mattress. Start by looking at your options and doing some research, consider your budget and finally decide on the best option that is available to you.

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