Best King Size Box Springs: Buyers Guide and Reviews

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Everyone likes a good night’s sleep at the end of a grueling day, and sleeping on a mattress that is supported by the king Size box springs is quite heavenly. This is what you should take into consideration when purchasing a mattress. One benefit of using any box spring is the additional height it adds to your bed not forgetting to consider the total height of the mattress as well as the box spring itself.

Best King Size Box Springs

First of all, a box spring has three types sizes, King size box spring which is also called as full-size box spring, the next one is the queen size box spring and the last one is the twin size box spring.

A box spring is a type of foundation used for any bed and is typically made of springs and sturdy wood covered in cloth. The box spring is built to last and designed to take in and distribute the heaviness or bulk of your mattress for extra comfort and sleep that is sounder.

Besides the additional comfort that the box spring offers, it also helps in prolonging the life span of your mattress. Although most box springs are constructed using wood, they are reinforced with steel to provide extra strength. Ticking is a piece of fabric that is usually applied to the sides while another material that is resistant to skids is attached at the top. The bottom of the box spring is protected with a fabric dust barrier.

When choosing a box spring for your mattress, you need to consider, among other things the type, size, and material. Making the right choice when selecting the best king box springs can break or make a mattress purchase. Therefore, take your time to pick out the best king box spring that is appropriate for bed.

How it is useful

The shape of the box spring is like a rectangular box and has metal springs. The importance of the springs cannot be overemphasized since they help firm mattresses to feel softer while you are asleep. This is because the moving and flexing of the metal springs absorb most of the stiffness of the mattress. Of course, don’t forget that box springs add more to the height of your mattress, especially if your mattress is low to the ground.

Besides, you should also consider whether you’d like to have a high mattress or not, as no one would naturally want to subject himself to stress by climbing on a mattress at the end of a hectic day. Also, take note that the structure of the box spring is designed such that it will give you a firm and very flat surface on which to place your mattress.

A box spring and a foundation look very much alike, especially in design or function, but they are not the same. A foundation is a box that is constructed using wood and several slats made of wood as well. The foundation acts more as a support for mattresses as against box springs which focus more on the assimilation of shock, thanks to the presence of the springs.

Let us go through the top five of the best king box springs in the market today:

Zinus Smart Box Spring

The Zinus 9 Inch high Profile smart box spring is compact and built for convenience. It is one of the best sellers in this genre as the most sold product of all time. You are bound to enjoy the comfort and strong support that this product offers. Despite its traditional look and functionality, the Zinus Box Spring is made of steel for enhanced durability. Its compact packaging makes it all the more endearing as it can be easily transported within tight interior spaces such as hallways and flight of stairs. This box spring is available in both the sizes king as well as in the queen size.

2639 Amazon Reviews

It comes with the necessary tools you will need to aid you in the assembling process. This product is designed with innovative mattress layer for great comfort and feeling of luxury. Another innovative product from the pioneers of comfort, the 9-inch high smart box spring from Zinus is in a class of its own.


It comes with the necessary tools you will need to aid you in the assembling process. This product is designed with innovative mattress layer for great comfort and feeling of luxury. Another innovative product from the pioneers of comfort, the 9-inch high smart box spring from Zinus is in a class of its own.

• All sides of the product is covered with ultra-plush fabric for a soft and comfortable feel

• It is built sturdily using a strong steel structure and is relatively lightweight

• All sides of the product is covered with ultra-plush fabric for a soft and comfortable feel

• Its compact packaging makes it very portable and convenient

• It offers exceptional firmness

• It is compatible with all types of mattresses

• Once it is opened, this product locks into position immediately.

• It comes with additional tools for assembling the box spring, thereby saving you a lot of money if you were to purchase the tools on your own.

• It is available in several varieties including Full, King, Queen, Twin, Twin XL, and Cal King

• It is relatively inexpensive

• It is backed by an astonishing five years limited warranty period

• Recommended for college students


• Instructions that are provided may not be readily understood

• The product might make noises if used with bed frames made of metal

• It may not be too safe to use with a memory foam mattress

Classic Box Spring

The Classic Brands 8-inch High Profile Foundation is a low-priced alternative and offers the explicit support for mattresses of all types. Add this long-lasting foundation to your sleep system to prevent your mattress from sagging while increasing the longevity of the mattress at the same time.

1006 Amazon Reviews 

The cover which is of the drawstring variety can easily be removed matches well with nearly all mattresses. The compact Classic Brands 8-inch High Profile Foundation is shipped in manageable pieces and assembling it is as straightforward as it can be. It is backed by a stalwart three-year warranty without any worries. The product is available in various sizes and is another high-quality product from Classic Brands.


• It can be easily assembled at home without the need for professional intervention

• It is compact enough to be conveyed up a flight of stairs or through narrow hallways

• It is durable

• Its solid structure prevents the sagging of mattresses

• It is made of rock-solid spruce for additional support

• It can be assembled and set up within twenty minutes

• The product supports different types of mattresses such as memory foam mattress, inner spring mattress or latex mattresses

• It comes with stretch drawstring cover and assembly manual

• It is available in various sizes which include: Twin XL, Full, California King, Queen, Twin, King

• It comes with a solid three-year worry-free warranty


• There have been complaints about the quality of wood used for the slats

• The return policy is almost nonexistent

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Zinus SmartBase Box Spring

The 14-inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation from Zinus, the pioneers in comfort, is one of the next generation bed frames ever. With the SmartBase Foundation, you do not have any need for a box springs as your latex mattress, memory foam or spring mattress can be placed directly on it. The SmartBase Foundation, touted to support up to 2,400lbs of uniformly distributed weight across its surface, is uniquely designed and offers optimum durability and support. The SmartBase Foundation has multiple points of contact which makes it stable on the floor after assemblage and its steel mattress support does not allow your mattress to sag, thus increasing the lifespan of your mattress.

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The lightweight frame of the SmartBase Foundation is fourteen inches high with about thirteen inches of clearance beneath the frame so that you can utilize the storage space under the bed. Each of its legs is covered with plastic caps to prevent damage to your floors, and its creative folding design makes it easy to stow or put away. The SmartBase Foundation from the innovative stables of Zinus is exclusively designed for easy use and comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

The ZinusSmartBase Foundation comes in different sizes: The Twin, The Full, The Twin XL, The King, The California King, and the Queen. If you live in a small apartment and need to save space, this is the product for you.


• It is easy to assemble with no tools required

• It is straightforward to move and carry around since it comes in two separate pieces

• It stands at 14 inches high off the floor

• The 13-inches clearance from the floor allows for extra storage underneath the bed

• It is relatively affordable

• It is very sturdy

• It is the best fit for people with average weights

• It perfectly replaces box spring and bed frame

• It is ideal for people living in small apartments who want to save some space for other pieces of furniture


• It looks too basic. Aesthetic design could be enhanced

• Its legs may break or bow if over excited children happen to jump around on it

Zinus Compack 9-Leg Support Bed Frame

This product from Zinus has been reinvented, and the bed frame now arrives your doorstep in a ‘compack’ and quick set-up base. The Zinus Bed Frame which is designed for durability comes with nine legs for optimal support. Each of these legs can be recessed for safety to prevent you from hurting your toes whenever you are making the bed, and for support.

3085 Amazon Reviews, 500 Answered 

The ZinusCompack 9-Leg support bed frame is constructed of steel and has an uncomplicated locking system. It is easy to assemble and does not require any tools to set it up. Each support bar features a quick-lock system. Bed frames are used with a mattress set and box spring. The ZinusCompack bed frame is backed by a worry-free 5-year limited warranty.

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King Size Box Spring 


• It is versatile and adjustable

• It can be assembled without any need for professional interference

• It is strong enough to support heavyweight mattresses like the memory and gel foam

• Its center support is sturdy and long-lasting

• It is highly stabilized with a center bar and nine legs

• It comes with a recessed leg design for additional safety

• Tools are not needed for assembling this product

• It is ideal for all types of mattress providing you have a mattress set and box spring.

• It comes with easy locking system and is built to last with its steel construction


• Instruction manual only contains pictures and not text on how to assemble the product

• It does not have a wire grid mesh to support a mattress

• The product comes with heavy legs positioned on the external portion of the center support and could hurt your toes

Best Price mattress Innovated Box Spring

This product is perfect for replacing your box spring and metal frame due to its user friendliness. The Best Price Box Spring Platform is constructed of 100% steel from frames to grids and legs. It can support king size mattresses and does not require any tool when assembling or disassembling it. Despite supporting your mattress conveniently, you get to enjoy some under-bed storage space, thanks to the 14 inches high clearance under the bed.

1500 Amazon Reviews, 333 Answered


• It uses double-metal structure for enhanced stability

• It does not require a mattress set or box spring

• It is constructed entirely of steel

• It is easy to assemble and does not require any tool whatsoever

• It can easily support king size mattresses 76” x 80” x 14.”

• It is a complete mattress support system as it can conveniently replace box spring and old frame

• It is relatively affordable

• It comes in several sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King


• This product may start squeaking if it is subjected to over-activity

• If used by kids that are jumpy, the bars of the product may begin to cave in after a few months

Finding the best king box springs and metal frames is all about selecting flexible but sturdily constructed as well convenient options from the numerous choices available in online stores. Their prices should be pocket-friendly and come with extensive warranties.It is also prudent to purchase any of the reviewed products from reputable and credible sources in the market. Make your choice and enjoy great style and comfort for many years to come.

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