Best Sleeping Bag 2019-2020 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

When you’re planning an adventure in the outdoors (e.g. camping or hiking), you need to take it seriously in order to be safe and have fun. That means that you need to take care of everything, including getting yourself the best possible equipment. Among the things needed for a comfortable trip is certainly a sleeping bag.

If you are looking for the best sleeping bag 2017 that will be perfect for your outdoor needs, you’ve come to the right place. Below you will find a comparison of top sleeping bags on the market and sleeping bag reviews with a buying guide.

Kelty Tuck 22 Degree
  • Kelty Tuck 22 Degree
  • Price: $$
  • Shape: Mummy
  • Material: polyester
  • Temp. rating: 22 F
  • Weight: 3.1 lbs

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TETON Sports Celsius XXL
  • TETON Sports Celsius XXL
  • Price: $$
  • Shape: Mummy
  • Material: polyester
  • Temp. rating: 0 F
  • Weight: 7.05 lbs

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Coleman Brazos Cold-Weather
  • Coleman Brazos Cold-Weather
  • Price: $$
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Material: polyester
  • Temp. rating: 20 F
  • Weight: 5.2 lbs

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Mountain Trails Allegheny 25-Degree
  • Mountain Trails Allegheny 25-Degree
  • Price: $$
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Material: polyester
  • Temp. rating: 25 F
  • Weight: 6.45 lbs

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TETON Sports Mammoth Queen Size
  • TETON Sports Mammoth Queen Size
  • Price: $$$
  • Shape: Mummy
  • Material: polyester
  • Temp. rating: 0 F
  • Weight: 20 lbs

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6 Top Rated Sleeping Bag Reviews

Don’t let cold and moisture get to you on your camping trip – pick the best sleeping bag for you. Here are some our top suggestions.

1. Coleman Brazos Cold-Weather

This sleeping bag is design in order to keep you protected from cold temperatures. It’s recommended to be used for temperatures between 20 F and 40 F. Because it’s made entirely from polyester, this bag should keep you dry, no matter what.

1. Coleman Brazos Cold-Weather

The Coleman Brazos Cold-Weather should fit people of most sizes, although it’s not recommended for those taller than 6 feet.

On top of that, the best sleeping bag is a synonym for durability. In fact, every product made by the Coleman Company is now for its quality and the same case is with this sleeping bag.

The thing that most of the Amazon reviewers note about this product is that has a specially designed snag-free zipper. Check the price now.

2. TETON Sports Celsius XXL -18C/0F


If you are looking for affordable sleeping bag that will keep you warm when the temperature is about -18C/0F, your choice definitely should be the TETON Sports Celsius sleeping bag.

It’s made entirely of polyester, which guarantees it will stay free from moisture. It should keep you warm and comfy, even when it’s very cold outside.

A flaw of this sleeping bag might be that it is very heavy, but because of that it is warm and spacious on the inside. Most of people, even really tall ones, will find it comfortable.

Another feature that campers find useful is that this bag can be zipped together with another sleeping bag of the same kind. Check the price now.

3. Mountain Trails Allegheny 25-Degree

Mountain Trails Allegheny 25 Degree

This rectangular sleeping bag is meant for usage in temperatures around 25 degrees F. It weights just over 6 pounds, while its dimensions are 3 x 38 x 81 inches, which means most of adults should find it fitting.

The design makes it very comfortable, while the material used for the production of it makes this bag warm and resistant to moisture.

The bag is made of synthetic materials that guarantee it will stay dry. When it comes to insulation, the bag is filled with 5 lbs of patented Insul-Therm material, which is hypoallergenic. Because of that, this sleeping bag can be used by anyone.

The feature of this sleeping bag that most campers find rather interesting is that it can be unzipped totally and turned into a mat or a blanket. So, with Mountain Trails Allegheny 25-Degree you get three things in one.

Finally, probably the best recommendation for this sleeping bag is its price – it’s one of the most affordable on the market. Check the price now.

4. TETON Sports Mammoth Queen Size

4. TETON Sports Mammoth Queen Size

When thinking about huge sleeping bag, the TETON Sports Mammoth Queen Size is what comes to mind. With size being 94″ x 62″, this sleeping bag can be used by several people at once.

As its name already suggests, this sleeping bag is a size of a queen-size bed, so it can be used by couples, while even three people will not find it uncomfortable.

Because of its giant size, this sleeping bag is really heavy. The pack weight is 15 lbs, but if you look at it as a solution for three persons, it’s actually quite light. The sleeping bag was design to provide the users with comfort and warmth.

Speaking of temperature, there are two versions of TETON Sports Mammoth Queen Size Sleeping Bag, one for 20 degrees Fahrenheit and the other for 0 degrees. Both types are made of high-quality synthetic materials that assure you will stay dry. Check the price now.

5. Kelty Tuck 22 Degree

Kelty Tuck 22 Degree

This sleeping bag was design with comfort in mind. It’s perfect for one person t use it, because of its shape, which resembles a diamond. When it comes to weather conditions, this sleeping bag will keep you dry and warm when the outside temperature is even 22 degrees Fahrenheit. That means that you can sleep in this bag in spring, summer and autumn months.

Although the best sleeping bag is extremely light (3lbs), it is made of material that provides you with warmth. ThermaPro is a patented synthetic insulation that’s used for this sleeping bag. It’s designed by the Kelty Company, known for their exquisite offer of high-quality camping equipment.

The Kelty Tuck 22 Degree is offered in two different sizes. The first one, labeled “regular”, should be comfortable for most adults. However, those taller than 6 feet, who are looking a more spacious sleeping bag, should decide on getting themselves the “long” version. Check the price now.

6. Coleman the Tandem 2 Person Rectangular 45 Degree

Coleman the Tandem 2 Person Rectangular 45 Degree
Coleman the Tandem 2 Person Rectangular 45 Degree

As its name suggests, this sleeping bag is designed for two adult people to sleep comfortably. Its size is 81 in. x 66 in. (190.5 cm x 167.64 cm), which means that two people up to 6 ft. 2 in (1.88m) should feel rather comfortable in it.

The design of this sleeping bag allows you to create two separate bags, simply by unzipping it apart.

The Coleman the Tandem 2 Person Rectangular 45 Degree is designed to keep you dry and warm when the temperature is between 30 degrees F and 50 degrees F. The material used for this sleeping bag is of high quality, so staying warm is guaranteed.

The sleeping bag is also known for its durability. You can be sure of that, particularly because Coleman is giving a 5-year warranty. Finally, probably the best thing about this bag is its price. If you look at it as a sleeping solution for two persons, you probably can’t find a better deal. Check the price now.

How to Choose the Best Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags can be rather pricey, but sometimes you can get the best deal if you look for it hard enough. We realize that you don’t want to waste your time looking for the features that make a sleeping bag good, so we did it for you. Here are 10 things you should consider to get the best sleeping bag in 2017.

1. Sleeping Bag Type

Basically, all sleeping bags can be separated into three categories as per their design. The first type is the Alpine bag, which is designed for unfavorable weather conditions, such as snow and rain showers. These bags are usually light, but provide comfort and warmth, even when it’s very cold outside.

The second type is the bushwalking bag. This design cares more about comfort than weather conditions, so this type of sleeping bag is best used during warm months of the year.

Finally, the third type is the general use bag, which can be used anytime anywhere. Unlike the other two types, the general use sleeping bag is generally heavier, but should be more comfy.

2. Temperature Rating

Usually, sleeping bags are divided into 4 categories when it comes to temperature. The extreme is the one that can be used with really cold weather. The lower limit can be used for weather conditions in which an adult man can have a good night sleep inside of the sleeping bag.

The comfort rating means that the sleeping bag can provide an adult woman with a temperature needed for a good night’s sleep. Finally, the upper limit is the highest temperature at which an adult man can have a good night’s sleep.

An important note about the temperature classification of the sleeping bags is that it relates to the temperatures inside of a tent, when an isolating mat is used. On top of that, the measurement is done for people wearing warm clothes. Remember that the best sleeping bag is the one that will keep you warm and dry no matter what.

3. Insulation Type

Feathered sleeping bags are designed for lower temperatures, when we have a need for a heavy and voluminous sleeping bag. They’re the most appropriate for sleeping in very low temperatures and low humidity (places like mountains). This type of bag is great for fighting moisture.

Be sure to check the quantity and quality of feathers used for insulation. Quality is expressed through the relation between the down and feathers: 70/30 – 70% down, 30% feathers.

Synthetic filling are generally made from polyester hollow fibers. Each polyester fiber is hollow (say FIBRE H4 has in a single fiber 4 longitudinal bulkheads, while the chamber Termoli 7 uses longitudinal bulkhead).

Therefore, in addition to providing excellent insulation, these types of sleeping bags provide resistance to moisture. The wet synthetic bag is much better in keeping you dry than the wet feathered bag.

4. Bag Shape

Mummy and coned sleeping bags are the warmest, providing protection of your whole body and the head. Also, when packed, these bags take up less space. Rectangular sleeping bags are a good choice for family camping tents. They can be used as blankets or as mats for sitting.

5. Season Rating

Choose your sleeping bag according to temperature and the time of year. Your choice should be based on the outside temperature. So, the average person needs to comfortably withstand outside temperatures in the sleeping bag.

6. Size

The most of the sleeping bags made for adults are either long or regular. These two categories are sufficient to cover the needs of most people, although some manufactures make sleeping bags in other sizes as well, such as extra small or XXL.

7. Weight

The best possible scenario is having a sleeping bag that’s lightweight, but provides comfort. The best sleeping bag do that, but if you had to choose between weight and comfort, our advice is to go with the later one.

8. Key Features

Pay attention to the quality of the shutter. Zipper should be reversible and harder to keep the tooth cap. The insulation must be in place so that there is no wastage.

9. Price

Evaluate your options when it comes to prices. How much are you willing to spend also determines the type of insulation you will have in your sleeping bag.

The warmer and lighter insulation increases the cost of your bags, but also increases the enjoyment of camping. Our advice is that, if you can, you should not spare your money on such important piece of camping equipment.

10. Customer Reviews

Probably the best way to see if a product is good or not, is by listening to people who already own it. That is why it is wise to check out customer reviews about certain sleeping bags. The better the score and the higher number of reviews mean that people are satisfied with the sleeping bag and that you should seriously think about buying it.

4 Sleeping Bag Accessories You Should Know

Looking for a perfect addition to your sleeping bag? Here are 4 sleeping bag accessories you should know about.

1. Sleeping Bag Liner

When it comes to choosing the best sleeping bag, temperature is one of the key factors. Every good sleeping bad should keep you dry and protected from cold weather, but sometimes you need an extra protection. That’s why you should think about buying a liner.

Sleeping bag liners are made in order to make you warm and provide you with a special protection from moisture. Apart from that, sleeping bag liners are a great way to improve the overall hygiene of the sleeping bag, because they are easy to clean, so instead of washing the whole bag too often, you can wash only the liner on regular basis.

2. Camping Pillow

Some may say that camping pillows are a luxury, but this piece of sleeping bag accessories can do wonders for your neck and back. When you’re comfortable, you’ll sleep better, which means that you’ll have more energy for your camping adventure. That’s exactly what a camping pillow will help you with.

There are lots of shapes and sizes of camping pillows, but if we had to recommend you one, it would be the butterfly design. This type of pillow is rectangular, with a dent in the middle, which is how it supports your back. It is ideal for sleeping on the back, which is what the most campers do.

3. Camping Sleeping Mat

Sleeping mat is a must when it comes to camping during cold winter days. It’s a known fact that we lose the most of our body temperature from below, which is why it’s very dangerous sleeping on the ground when it’s cold outside. A simple solution to this problem is putting a camping sleeping mat between you and the cold ground.

Sleeping mats come in different shapes are materials, but you can’t go wrong whichever choice you make. Pick any type of sleeping mat, regardless if it is a foam roll mat, a self-inflating mat or a blow up mattress.

4. Compression sack

A compression sack is a great piece of camping equipment as it can help you with carrying your accessories. Basically, you can pack your sleeping bag and every other part of the camping equipment into it. The sack doesn’t take too much room as the straps will compress its content.


A good sleeping bag is what guarantees that your camping adventure is going to be great. Staying dry and warm on your trip is importance because everything can get ruined. For that reason, it is necessary to buy the best sleeping bag in 2017 and by following our advice, you’ll surely find one.