GS Stearns Ultra Firm Mattress Review (2019-2020)

The GS Stearns Ultra Firm Mattress combines the support of a strong coil system and the comfort of foam in one place.

The manufacturing company, Stearns and Foster, is known for offering excellent craftsmanship and style with the finest materials. This America’s oldest mattress brand represents unsurpassed quality and uncompromising standard.

The mattress is a combo of high-density memory foam, wool, foam encased innerspring, and silk. It is packed with high-quality materials that give you the maximum support and comfort. You won’t worry about rolling and tossing from one point to another. Or have unnecessary break-in periods that give you a sleepless night.

The high-quality materials give enough support that won’t make your mattress sag or sink in the middle or any other point when you lie down on it.

Liquid injected high-density foam

GS Stearns mattress is the best choice for comfort and orthopedic benefits of a firm mattress. This mattress is well-constructed and is infused with liquid injected high-density foam encasement. This gives it extra durability and support.

Heat dissipation

The wool, eco cotton, and silk that are incorporated into the cover of this mattress help to dissipate heat. This will help to reduce the rate at which you sweat when you sleep on this mattress.

Cradling support

The mattress is designed to offer the long-lasting comfort and cradling support of a firm tight top mattress. The individually wrapped coils also give it an added support.

Other important features

  • It contains 5 pounds memory foam
  • The mattress is 13.75 inches high
  • It features Titanium individually wrapped coils
  • It features no-flip design
  • GS Stearns mattress is constructed with pocketed coils
  • It features innerspring technology

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Benefits of a firm mattress

There are several benefits of sleeping on a firm mattress. Your body type usually determines what type of mattress is better for you. It may take some time to determine the right choice.

People who change from sleeping on a firm mattress to a soft mattress often give several reasons for their migration.  Health professionals have highlighted the importance of spending up to 8 hours of night rest on a firm mattress. Here are some of them.


Firm mattresses give you superior comfort. This is particularly important for old people or people with back, neck, or joint pain. Health professionals often recommend firm mattresses to this category of people. A mattress cannot offer too much support but can offer less support. If a firm mattress feels too hard, use a plush top to make it comfy.

Alignment of the spine

Your posture matters a lot when you sleep. It can be very challenging to be completely active during the day if your backbone has not been positioned properly during the night. Firm mattresses help to align your bone properly during the night so that you can have stress or strain free activities during the day.

Weight distribution

Since it is not too soft, a firm mattress doesn’t put all your weight in one direction which causes sagging and sinking. And eventually, leads to misalignment of your muscles and joints. A firm mattress offers the support that gives you a proper weight distribution.

Deeper rest

Your body won’t be able to rest on a mattress if it sinks or sags because it tries to compensate for the awkward position. Your neck, limbs, and other parts of the body require a comfy retreat as does your spine. A firm mattress does a great job of providing you with this comfort.

Important health benefit

A firm mattress gives you a deep rest which allows your body to perform the normal health routine. A lot of activities go on in your body to rejuvenate and repair cells. Your growth hormone gets activated when you sleep and your insulin level is reduced. This process won’t occur effectively if you have a restless night.

More oxygen intake

A firm mattress helps to prevent your lower back from collapsing when you sleep. This way, your airways will not be constricted and you’d be able to inhale more oxygen which is important for good night rest. Firm mattresses allow proper alignment. When your spine is in a natural position – that is, your neck, middle back, and lower back align properly – your lungs will be able to hold more oxygen.

Improvement of blood circulation

Your bones bear most of the pressure when you sleep on a firm mattress. This is important for a good sleep because it frees your muscles and allows your veins and arteries to relax. This improves blood circulation in your body to help you get a better sleep.

GS Stearns Ultra Firm Mattress Review (2019-2020)
GS Stearns Ultra Firm Mattress Review (2019-2020)