List of Top 5 Best King Size Mattresses

King Size Mattresses
King Size Mattresses

Do you think that a peaceful night’s sleep is long overdue? Are you waking up feeling tired and drained more often? Your mattress might be the culprit behind these issues, and it may be the time that you get a new one.

The mattress industry has evolved with time, and various brands have been able to keep pace with the changing times effectively. They have incorporated a variety of advanced technologies and quality materials to enhance the quality of sleep. We no longer like to compromise on the comfort levels, but it can often get confusing to choose the perfect mattress that can indulge all the requirements efficiently.

Moreover, our likes and preferences vary from another person in most cases. So, the mattress which is a favourite option for someone that you know might not be the ideal one for you. Additionally, it is exceedingly important that you comprehend that the quality and features such as firmness, airflow, etc. various from one brand to another.

The mattress that is apt for you will allow you to experience a restful, uninterrupted and cool sleep with the proper support. Hence, it is imperative that you analyse and explore your options before buying your dream mattress. Continue reading to get to know our picks for the 5 Best King Mattresses.

Simba Mattress

After extensive testing, Simba Hybrid Mattress has been designed to provide the best sleep with its arrangement of five different layers. It receives a thumbs up on its high durability and ultra-soft feel. This brand has not only introduced a luxury that is within your budget but is also redefining the sleep experience with expertise.

The remarkable features are:

  • The sleeping surface promotes hypoallergenic airflow that helps in maintaining the temperature effectively while providing a fresh feel.
  • The Simba mattress includes a Simbatex layer, which is a super comfort layer. It is highly functional in offering the correct support for optimal sleep.
  • The inclusion of 2500 patented conical pocket springs definitely sets it apart from the rest. The springs adjust by moving horizontally and vertically to fit the shape of your body competently.
  • The Visco memory foam lets you use the mattress without any worry about your body shape since it adapts to the different body shapes with excessive ease.

The additional benefits are:

  • It is appropriate for all body types and different sleeping positions.
  • It is apt for all types of surfaces including a slatted base, flat platforms, divan base, and adjustable base.
  • Apart from king size, there are a variety of sizes available.
  • The pricing is affordable.
  • There is a 100-night sleep trial option along with a 10-year warranty period.


Amerisleep mattresses have gained prominence in the competitive market with its high quality custom foams. Cost-effective and reliable, this mattress is a favourite among its users. Furthermore, the plant-based, open-cell memory foam is manufactured using Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF), which is an eco-friendly process.

The remarkable features are:

  • The Bio-Core that is the base of this mattress helps in maintaining the spine’s natural alignment in every position while presenting the perfect support for your shoulders and hips
  • The Bio-Pur memory foam is highly responsive, and the open cell structure allows improved circulation of air.
  • The Surface Modification Technology provides exceptional pressure relief and increased airflow.
  • The Amerisleep Affinity layer that is included between the comfort and support layers enhances the responsiveness and softness of this amazing product.
  • They have further incorporated Active Flex that is a superlative quality foam. It delivers the ideal combination of rapid and adaptive comfort with advanced pressure relief.
  • The covers are infused with Celliant, which enables you to experience a restorative and refreshing sleep.

The additional benefits are:

  • It is extremely durable.
  • This brand presents a wide variety of options as per the firmness levels and sleeping positions.
  • There is a 100-night risk-free sleep trial.


Nolah mattresses present the extraordinary blend of comfort and affordability in a box. With its long-lasting quality and exemplary performances, it is a favourable option for you.

They have successfully exceeded all expectations by delivering a cooler sleep then the usual memory foam mattresses and being more durable than latex. It is surely a worthy investment!

The remarkable features are:

  • It does not contain the viscoelastic chemicals found in memory foam, which is the main cause behind the trapping of heat.
  • The Nolah AirFoam has been offering superior pressure relief, perfect bounce and zero motion transfer for a rejuvenating and deep sleep.
  • You can rest assured that the mattress is safe and sustainable since the foams are CertiPUR-US certified.

The additional benefits are:

  • There is a 120 night trial period available with free shipping and returns.
  • The warranty period is 15 years.
  • It offers reasonable rates. So if you are conscious of your budget, then it is the right mattress for you.


Leesa mattress is widely recognised as one of the top brands that you can find nowadays. Additionally, the mattress has been designed with premium quality foams that outstandingly contributes to its high performance. They do not disappoint with their exceptional features, and you will certainly not regret purchasing this mattress.

The remarkable features are:

  • The top layer includes Avena foam, which improves the airflow to allow you to sleep without the uncomfortable and sweaty feeling throughout the night.
  • The memory foam performs brilliantly in body contouring and pressure relief.
  • The base foam layer has made the mattress highly durable by adding structure and strength.
  • Its active spring core support layer presents the ultimate comfort by adjusting to the pressure points all through the night.

The additional benefits are:

  • It supports sleepers of all types of sizes.
  • You can avail a 100-nights trial period.
  • It is backed by free shipping facility and effortless returning process.