Morgedal Firm Mattress Review (2019-2020)

The Morgedal firm mattress was inspired by patterns. The design was gotten from quilted winter coats. The mattress features quilted squares of different sizes and seams that make a striped pattern. These squares give extra support to the mattress.

The roll packed mattress is so elastic that it regains its shape within 3-4 days after it is delivered to your doorstep. To get the most of this mattress, complete it with a mattress base or a slatted bed base.

This mattress is excellent for people who love to sleep on their backs and stomachs. It is also recommended by health professionals to people with back pains.

Easy to clean

Unlike some other mattresses, this one is easy to clean because the cover can be removed and washed with a machine. You don’t have to worry about water coming in contact with the foam. As instructed by the manufacturer, the cover is not to be bleached, dry cleaned, ironed, or tumbled.

High resilience

This foam has the ability to return to its original form after being compressed due to long-term use. Even with this quality, the company confidently offers a 25-year limited warranty in case of any unforeseen occurrence.

Support and comfort

The high resilience lets the foam follow your body movement and provide adequate support for each part of your body. The mattress is designed with a comfort zone that gives additional support and pressure relief on your hips and shoulders. It also features a layer of soft filling that increases support and comfort.

Other important features

  • It contains 64% cotton and 36% polyester
  • It is made of non-woven polypropylene
  • Queen size is available in dark gray color
  • The mattress can be recycled or used for energy recovery

What we dislike about Morgedal firm mattress

Unlike some firm mattresses that are delivered in a box, this mattress is roll packed. So, you have to wait for 3-4 days for your mattress to return to its normal form.

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Very firm or very soft mattress?

Firm mattresses are mostly preferred by stomach and back sleepers. These categories of sleepers opt for mattresses that are firm enough to keep their backs from aching.

Unlike in a soft mattress, a firm mattress prevents your pelvis from sinking and unnecessary sagging which causes back pain or stiffness of the neck.

Contrary to what most people think, a mattress that is too firm is inflexible and not supportive enough. It creates pressure points that restrain circulation and doesn’t make your spine to align properly.

A very firm mattress works against your body and causes your hips and shoulders to buckle inward. This causes unnecessary pressure that inhibits circulation and pressure on your lower back.

On the other hand, a mattress that is too soft doesn’t provide enough support. It puts your body in a hammock position that causes your hips and shoulders to pinch in. This eventually leads to a curved spine which puts pressure on your lower back and causes tightening of your muscle.

Overall, the best mattress is the most comfortable mattress for you.  Choose a mattress that is just firm enough to provide the support you need.

Some mattress myths debunked

One mattress myth that people have is that the cover that comes with a mattress is good enough to protect it from spills and dust mites. This is not true in most cases. It is worthwhile to get a waterproof mattress cover for your new mattress.

This waterproof cover zips at one end of the mattress and protects it from spills, dust mites, molds, or sweat. This gets the job done more than the cover that comes with most mattresses.

Another mattress myth is that warranties cover everything. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Some warranties are quite more complicated than you may assume. A 10-year warranty, for example, does not necessarily mean that the whole mattress is covered.

Usually, full coverage is limited to a period of time after which the prorated coverage begins. Only a specific degree of impressions or particular components are covered during the prorated warranty period. You’ll probably not replace the mattress several years before the warranty ends.

Most people think that a higher price guarantees a better mattress. This is not necessarily true. No doubts, expensive mattresses are made with higher quality materials. But be sure to read lots of customer reviews on the mattress before you make a decision when buying online.

If you wish to buy in local stores, rest test different models to be sure you’re making the right choice. Take your time to choose the one that best fits your sleeping style and makes you comfortable.

A high coil count is not an indication of quality as many may think. Although it is an important component, it shouldn’t be considered as a definitive factor when shopping for a mattress. Other factors like durability, support, and comfort should also be taken into account.

Morgedal Firm Mattress Review (2019-2020)