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Sleep is one of the vital parts of our daily life style. A quality sleep can make you feel fresh, energetic and healthy. Sleeping on the ground for you makes you feel uncomfortable so as the Purple mattress. yeah, Mattress are the one which gives you the full benefits like, no body pains, proper blood circulation, doesn’t make you feel the heat on the bed and more. So buying a mattress may be a perfect solution for your sleeping problems.

But in the market, lots of mattresses are available with different price tags and also with different quality, but the one that we love from all the other mattress is the Purple Mattress which has been getting a lot of attention lately by the online mattress buyers, thanks to its innovative Kickstarter campaign that brought the project to life. The unique material of which the Purple mattress is made makes it unrivaled in the industry. The Purple mattress is definitely going to be loved by everyone who wants nothing but a good night’s sleep

If you are looking for a mattress that offers pressure relief, whose price is incomparable with other types of mattresses than the Purple mattresses going to be the best for you, again a thumbs-up to its unique material. It doesn’t matter which position you like when you are going to sleep, on your back, on your side or your stomach, the Purple mattress offers comfort on all sides.

About Purple Mattress

Purple Mattress was created using an exclusive system of columns made of gel the promise to deliver firm support and pressure relief anywhere you need it at an affordable price.

The patented comfort offered by Purple Mattress’s grid system makes it possible to distribute your weight evenly. Purple Mattress will gently support pressure points such as your shoulders and hips, just like a soft mattress would do. But every other part of your body, including the back, will be cradled firmly as if you are lying down on a firm mattress.

Furthermore, Purple Mattress is made from food-grade, non-toxic material that does not withhold heat or develop body indents. It provides all the comfort, relaxation and support you need at all times.

How Purple Mattress works

Each Purple Mattress has a top layer consisting of two inches of patented polymer that is hyperelastic and is made entirely from food grade materials. This polymer, according to the Company that produces the Purple Mattress, can stretch to more than fifteen times its resting or original size. Therefore, the polymer is structured in a grid pattern. This is to allow the polymer to create several hundreds of walls that fold or support depending on the amount of pressure they receive.

For instance: by applying excessive pressure, a column gets released and allows confined sinking in to take place. The additional pressure is then spread to the other columns, and since they are not under too much pressure, the columns remain firm.

In this manner, the pressure is evenly distributed over areas like the shoulders and hips whereas other regions like the torso cover several columns, so the wall does not release. Consequently, Purple Mattress delivers precise spinal alignment and back support.

Besides the benefits of relieving pressure that Purple Mattress comes with, this particular design allows the free flow of air. This is important as heat is dissipated and moisture cannot get trapped within the mattress. This way, the durability of the mattress is enhanced. The polymer used in making Purple Mattress is unlikely to cause allergic reactions i.e. it is hypoallergenic.

Composition of Purple Mattress

The Purple Mattress is about 9.5 inches thick and is composed of three major layers:

– Top layer – This layer is made of two inches of hyper elastic polymer and is designed to provide comfort and enhanced sleeping experience. Whatever pressure points your body tries to create will be relieved almost immediately. The hyper elastic polymer used at the top layer is made using the smart-grid design that is unique to Purple. This helps to increase the comfort and cooling of the layer.

– Middle layer – This layer is composed of 3.5 inches polyurethane foam and works in conjunction with the upper or top layer to provide deep compression support as well as transitional support. If you are a heavy sleeper, then the Purple Mattress is ideal for you.

– Bottom layer – This layer is made of 4 inches of denser polyurethane foam and is designed to act as the foundation of the Purple Mattress primarily.

Purple does not use memory foam, so no one has to get worried about off-gassing or volatile organic compounds. The three layers that make up the Purple Mattress are wrapped up in a flame-retardant knit barrier fabric. I also discovered that the foam has no mercury, ozone depleters, lead or heavy metals.

The Purple Mattress Cover

The cover of the Purple Mattress is composed of 69% polyester, 27% viscose and 4% polyester-lycra. This combination results in the production of a cover that lets air in and body moisture out so that the Purple Mattress can remain dry. In addition to this, the cover is also soft and stretchy or elastic. When you tug on the cover from any angle, it snaps back to its original shape. When employed in conjunction with the hyperelastic polymer that is used in the smart grid design of the top layer, Purple’s cover is a perfect fit since there will be no build-up of heat in any way.

The Purple cover has a modern look about it that makes it unique. It comes with the standard all white color scheme though the diamond patterns on it make it look much more appealing than plain covers. The overall look, as well as its simplistic design, makes the cover very stylish. The cover also zips off, but it is highly recommended that you don’t wash the cover in your washing machine unless you have no choice but to do so. If washing the cover with the washing machine is unavoidable, then make sure that you make use of the cold water cycles only, and afterward, spread the cover flat to dry. Don’t put the cover into a dryer for any reason or else it will shrink.

Moreover, Purple’s logo is embossed on the sides of the mattress thus enhancing its design. I love the look of the Purple Mattress, and although it may not look extraordinary, they did a good job of taking plainness out of an all-white design and turning it into something spectacular.

Feel, Firmness and Support

Of all the mattresses that I have had the privilege to test, the Purple Mattress stands out of the pack. It’s unique feel tested on a firmness scale of 1 to 10 (where the most firm is 10), and which falls somewhere between 6.5 and 7 (from my point of view) is almost out of this world. An impressive feature about the Purple mattress is its ability to displace the weight of users while, at the same time, maintaining steady support. The feeling of comfort on a Purple mattress is also remarkable. The response of the top layer when you switch positions is also instantaneous and is touted to be quicker than latex.

For light sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds, you will feel as if you are virtually floating on top of the Purple Mattress with little to no contouring of your body. If you weigh between 130 to 150 pounds, you may find yourself sinking a little bit deeper into the hyperelastic top layer polymer and a slight feeling of being hugged. If your weight exceeds 150 pounds, then be prepared for a more pronounced sinkage level and body contour from the mattress. Sleepers weighing more than 200 pounds will begin to engage the transitional support layer more prominently with sinkage level and hug that ranges from 2.5 to 3.5 inches.

Cleaning the Purple mattress is a breeze: all you need to do is to spot clean using mild detergents like upholstery cleaner, etc.

The Purple mattress also ranks high when it comes to pointing elasticity. This is evident when the raw egg test was carried out and the mattress suitably adjusted to the pressure that was exerted by the egg. This test also shows how the Purple mattress prevents your movements from disturbing any other person that is sharing the mattress with you. But it does not eliminate disturbance entirely unless you make use of the Purple stretchy sheets.

Only the Luxi mattress comes close to the Purple mattress when it comes to levels of point elasticity. But Luxi doesn’t use the same technology that Purple uses: Luxi uses Support Balancing Layer (SBT).

Most foam-based beds have inadequate support which does not permit sitting or sleeping near the edge, especially if you are large and the Purple mattress is no different. A small number of Purple mattress owners have reported that they fell off the bed.

A few people have also reportedly perceived an odor which did not last long and were not all that overpowering. The conclusion drawn from this incident was that the mattress was probably off-gassing.

Like all things new, the Purple mattress needs getting used to; therefore if you prefer smooth mattresses against the waffle-like or grid-like feel of the Purple cons,, then this is not for you. But the surface texture of the Purple mattress is pleasant overall.

Best way to take care of the Purple mattress

There is no official policy or manual regarding this matter. The Purple mattress is one-sided i.e. you cannot use the flip side since the top layer, which is the polymer layer should always be on top. However, you may (or may not) rotate it head to foot once in a while (minimum twice a year is recommended) to minimize or prevent wear or sagging. To do so, you may need to ask for help from another pair of hands. But all in all, the Purple mattress is easy to maintain.

Cooling: most notable feature of Purple Mattress

The webbed polymer smart grid creates air pockets that help to cool the sleeping surface extremely well. The only addition to the entire ensemble is the thin cover. The flow of air between the webbed air pockets and the thin cover is uninterrupted, making it one of the coolest mattresses anyone could have slept on. A light coating of powder which is a nonhazardous patented plastic powder helps to reduce the noise that the polymer would create.

When you sleep on the Purple mattress, you will feel as if you are sleeping on it as against sleeping in it. Some individuals prefer those pillow top feeling while others don’t. So it all boils down to preference. But it does an excellent job with pressure relief.

Costs of the Purple Mattress

The Purple Mattress comes in four distinct sizes, and the value of each is assigned below:

– King: 75.5 inches x 79.5 inches x 9.5 inches = $1,299

Buy King Size Purple mattress at Amazon

– Twin XL: 37.5 inches x 79.5 inches x 9.5 inches = $699

Buy twin size purple mattress at Amazon

– Queen: 59.5 inches x 79.5 inches x 9.5 inches = $999

Buy queen purple mattress at Amazon

When the Purple mattress is removed from the packaging it comes with, there is a faint new mattress smell that emanates from the mattress. After a few days, however, the smell fades away.

The Purple Company offers a platform base which is uniquely designed for the Purple mattress. Nevertheless, purchasing the platform base is not necessary as long as you are able to set your Purple mattress on a well-made surface. Adjustable bed frames, complete with slats that are set three inches from each other or even positioned on the floor itself will be good enough for your Purple mattress.

Durability of the Purple mattress

As regards durability, the data that is available from this review indicates that the life cycle of the Purple mattress is much better than that of other mattresses

All mattresses from Purple come with free shipping within the United States as well as one hundred nights’ no pressure guarantee. It also comes with a one hundred percent money-back trial period. Purple also provides a ten-year non-prorated warranty which is similar (in terms) to its major competition.

Terms and Conditions

The Purple Company also advises that you give your body about thirty days to adjust to the new mattress. However, Purple Company has arrangements in place for return shipment. So in case you don’t like the Purple mattress at the end of the day, you can get in touch with them via 844-642-5613 and a donation center (or a courier close by) in your district will come around to remove the mattress from your home to be donated or recycled. No minimum amount of time the Purple mattress must be kept before it is eligible for return is stipulated.

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