Sealy Firm Mattress Reviews (2019-2020)

Sealy mattresses are manufactured in the US and are part of the Innerspring series. The company has been in existence for over a century. So, yes, you can rely on their products, given their experience.

The Sealy Ashwood Grove Firm Mattress

The Sealy Ashwood Grove Firm Mattress provides comfort and a great support. Its top is flat, thick, and soft. This gives you a high level of comfort. The mattress is a part of the classic coil mattress collection of Sealy, the manufacturing company.

Not only is this mattress designed to give you a soft bed surface, it is also equipped with a SolidEdge HD system that enables you to sit comfortably on the edge of the mattress.

The gel foam that comes with it enhances a cool sleeping environment – giving you the comfort you desire for many years.

Gel Memory Foam

One of the most important features of this firm mattress is the gel memory foam. It will help you get the quality sleep you’ve always missed.

Gel memory foams are comfy and long lasting. They help to resist motion transfer. This means that you won’t be disturbed even if your partner rolls around or gets in and out of the bed countless times.

The gel beads infused into the memory foams enable the movement of air. This helps you to maintain a cool temperature all night by allowing the heat from your body to dissipate. The heat doesn’t accumulate in your mattress or pillow.

Unlike the traditional memory foams, gel memory foams provide balanced support that won’t let you sink too deep.

The gel foam of this mattress helps to relief pains on the hips and shoulders that result from side sleeping. When this pressure is taken off your hips and shoulder, your spine aligns and makes your back feel good when you get up. This makes you refreshed and active for your activities during the day.

Titanium alloy coils

The Sealy classic coil is made from 638-Titanium alloy coils, which are very durable and give perfect support and comfort. The spring can withstand high temperatures and is better than most ones out there that don’t have much strength and don’t last long.

The spring is light and resistant to corrosion. You won’t experience broken coils. Mattresses with titanium alloy coils are much better than those with carbon steel.

SolidEdge HD system

It is equipped with a SolidEdge HD system that makes the mattress solid and thick at the edge. You’ll enjoy sleeping on the smooth surface and still feel comfortable to sit on the 2.5-inch thick edge without any hassle.

Other cool features

  • It does not require set up
  • The mattress is 9.75 inches deep for firmness
  • It does not require the use of batteries
  • The Sealy firm mattress weighs 41 pounds
  • Sealy offers a 5-year warranty on this mattress

What we dislike about Sealy firm mattress

The mattress is very heavy. You need some help to be able to carry it.

Buyer opinions on Amazon

  • Here are some of the remarks made on Amazon by real buyers of the Sealy Ashwood Grove Firm Mattress:
  • The mattress is very pleasing and it’s got a cooling top which has improved overall sleeping quality. Chances are other mattresses will be replaced with this brand.
  • This mattress has a nice decorative border, but is better for someone who has slept on a softer mattress and is looking to move to a firmer one.
  • The top is soft but there is a feeling of a firm underlying foundation.
  • It was not rolled on delivery, but well wrapped in a protective covering made of plastic and it did fit well in the giant box that was delivered with it.
  • The mattress has the right firmness. It is not a board and it prevents sinking in it. The sides are also firm and don’t cause tilting when seated on them. The pillow is comfortable and cooler than others.

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Good alternatives to the Sealy Ashwood Grove Firm Mattress

Sealy Posturepedic Drakesboro Firm Tight Top Mattress

The Sealy Posturepedic Drakesboro Firm Tight Top Mattress is designed to give you maximum support and align your body for quality sleep. It comes with Sealy comfort foam engineered to give you cushioning in the comfort layer and quilt of the mattress. It offers all the support you need for a sound sleep.

Cocoon by Sealy Firm Foam Mattress

Cocoon by Sealy is a premium memory foam mattress with innovative layers that will give you a good night rest. The top is covered with a breathable soft stretch-knit cover that protects your mattress and simultaneously keeps you cool. It is delivered in a movable box on arrival.