Serta 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Serta 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Firm mattress. Ergonomic spine align design with memory foam gel. Advanced technology with a combination of three exquisite layers involving memory foam gel, ActivAir foam and high density support foam.

Have a back problem or lack of sleep? Or maybe you are a side sleeper that cannot find a good mattress to sleep with? The Serta 12-Inch gel memory foam mattress promised you a lot of benefits for its comfortable deluxe queen mattress. We try to make a review for this mattress to make a real visionary about its graciousness.

Although there are numerous brand mention that they are the best, but Serta mattress has been known as one of the leading brands in the best mattress for side sleepers, in terms of keeping your health and maximal wellness in sleep. Many side sleepers doesn’t know what kind of mattress they have to buy or even use to get a good night sleep.

The side sleepers that was known as the person who need a firm mattress as the best mattress for side sleepers, in order to ensure its best sleep quality, need the one that will follow their body curves, so the spine will be aligned well and reduce any back pain that they may experience with other mattress.

So, is this Serta mattress as good as it said? As a review, we try to be objective in its best with its value of course. Majority of the high-end mattress nowadays using the memory foam as its material due to its easily adapted to our body contour and its power to reducing the pain. Nonetheless, Serta is one of the brand that use this material for its beauty sleep mattress.

Feature of product

  • Deluxe cover

The Serta 12-Inch gel memory foam mattress have a deluxe cover that was well made and crafted fit for the bed with fine materials.

  • Great quality of firmness

The medium firmness of its memory foam deliver as a therapeutic comfort to reducing your back pain and ensure the stability of your spine to keep it align. Moreover, it won’t be necessary to do a mattress flipping.

  • Cool surface

The mattress was defined from an open cell memory foam and gel support beads

  • High advanced method

Implemented in the USA with it high advanced method of Serta’s best technology

  • Three layers combination materials

Three exquisite layers that combine a 2 ½ inches memory foam gel, 2 ½ inches the ActivAir foam and a 7 inches of high density support foam, the combination stated a conjoined of comfortable, support, maximizing the continuous airflow and durability.

  • Ergonomically design

Extraordinary design that can make a customizable support for every individual needs, in order to establish the most problematic area

Benefit of using this product

There are several benefits that you might gain from this product, such as:

High quality

The Serta mattress have a special benefit with its three USA best quality layer that was designed specifically by a top notch technology in open cell gel. Those three layer is a well-made design to enrich the quality of sleep. Particularly the base support that was made from 7-inch layer.

Extra comfort and cool surface

Its comfortable and optimal sleep gained from the first layer and the second layer as it have their own unique point such as the comfort layer that was built from the gel memory foam and the second layer as the support layer that build with the ActivAir technology that solve problem in body pressure as well as the continuous airflow.

Reducing body pain

The benefit of the Serta memory foam gel also conclude in their superiority in relieving the pain that obtained when your body touched the mattress. Moreover, it will aid the support and cool sensation when you sleep.

Best brand worldwide

This brand has known among mattress manufacturer as one of the best in its expertise. In addition, as a well-known worldwide brand they offer a strict quality control to aim its best quality.

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Pros and Cons


  • It is a well-known brand of its high quality mattress
  • Has three specific layer that have its own specialty and the maximum of its combination make an special point of this mattress to maintain the firmness and the softness, therefore it is best for the side sleepers to have a beautiful combination that can make their sleep much better.
  • The advances in Serta technology and its best memory foam gel will keep the airflow and relieving the back pressure. The side sleepers known as the person who have to sleep in a memory foam mattress due to their sleeping style with the intention of a maximum coziness for their body, moreover if you have a back pain due to pressure.


  • The price is expensive, if you are on a budget, then probably this mattress won’t fit you, there are several other options in memory foam mattress that can be chosen as a comparison with similar concept of memory foam. But it is not a surprise, considering the popularity of the brand has been universally known.
  • The open cell technology will make the surface cool but it has not been proven yet to all individual? Especially if you have an overweight.
  • Similar to other mattress that was made from memory foam, the possibility of needing time to be fully expand and the ”off-gassing” odor still can happened.
  • The warranty only 20 years, some brands claims they have 25 years warranty on their mattress.

Why you should buy this product?

It won’t take long until the bed is fully expanded, only several hours and there are almost no odor at all. Even for some customers that claims they have allergy, or sensitivity to odor confirmed the almost odorless experienced they have. For an overweight individuals, especially if they have sleep apnea, this mattress can give the best sensation of sleeping due its firmness and coziness that lead to better sleep. Moreover, for the side sleepers it will make the greatest sleep since it is contouring the body. The mattress really reduce the body heat and keep the surface cool.


We give it a 4 star, because of its statement in reducing the heat is confirmed as well as the firmness, but the very expensive price compare than others make this bed is not a great option if you are looking for a low price mattress. Another addition, if you want a mattress that have a medium firmness and easily adapted to your body as side sleepers, it may be your choice especially if you have an overweight and sleep apnea.

We categorize this as the best mattress for the side sleepers, with this mattress, we believe that it will help them to achieve a better outcome in their sleep. So if you want to try experience the “sleeping like a baby” thing, this mattress maybe an option for you to but, especially if you have quite big budget, don’t forget that this mattress warranty is 20 years.

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