Serta Coralee Queen Firm Mattress Review (2019-2020)

Serta is one of the best mattress manufacturers in the United States. The company has a wide network across the world that makes it able to address customers’ issues no matter their location. This does not in any way affect the high-quality standard of their products.

The Serta Coralee Queen Firm Mattress is a durable mattress designed to provide maximum comfort. It offers countless of benefits that make you trust your best night’s sleep with Serta’s experts.

Whether you sleep alone, or with your spouse, this queen firm mattress will add to the beauty and luxury of your bedroom. The breathability of the mattress makes it even more comfortable for use. Plus it offers customized support.

To get the most of this mattress, remove it from the packaging within 3 days of arrival to enable maximum expansion of the foam. Allow it to air for few hours to reduce the odor resulting from plastic packaging.

Made of gel memory foam

The gel memory foam is made with gel support beads and open cell memory. It offers you a therapeutic comfort and strong support to let you have a quality sleep time as much as possible. This custom support is provided exactly where you need it most to enjoy your sleep during the day or at night.

Comes with 3-layer design

The 3 layers are specially designed for different functionalities. The comfort layer, which is just 2.5-inches thick, consists of gel memory foam to maintain an optimum sleep temperature. The custom support layer provides the active air that responds to the pressure of your body, giving you a customized support and continuous airflow. And the base layer is engineered to offer high-density support and stability while making the foam durable.

Good quality plus 20-year warranty

The mattress is comfy and durable. It allows proper spinal alignment and provides a steady balance all over the surface. You won’t have to flip it over from time to time or toss around from one point to another just to maintain balance. The long time comfort provided by this Serta mattress is backed by a 20-year warranty by the manufacturer.

Other cool features

  • It features Serta technology.
  • It provides pressure point relief.
  • The mattress has a cool surface which is ideal for people who sleep warm.
  • Serta mattress weighs 90 pounds.
  • It is resistant to mites.
  • The mattress reduces the impact of your partner’s movement.
  • It adjusts to the temperature of the body.
  • The USA manufactured mattress measures 80 x 60 x 12 inches.
  • It evenly distributes body weight.
  • If you have an existing frame, the mattress will work perfectly with it

What we dislike about Serta Coralee queen firm mattress

This is a firm mattress that is probably firmer than what you’d expect. You’ll definitely need a topper if you’re looking for a mattress with a plush feeling. This mattress is for people who want a firmer surface.

It doesn’t feel very comfortable on first use. But your body gets used to it and you become comfortable with it after some time.

Buyer opinions on Amazon

  • A couple confirmed that for the 3 months they have been sleeping on the mattress, they felt the difference from the traditional mattress they had previously. They now sleep better without any sore and don’t notice each other’s movement
  • A buyer stated that the mattress is comfortable but would give 3 stars because it gets warm and not any cooler than some other memory foams
  • Another buyer found the mattress a little disappointing after the first use. But got the best sleep ever after a few weeks of use
  • A customer explained that the mattress is firm and supports the body. It is not the type of mattress that you’d sink into like a cloud
  • One review stated that the mattress is much more comfortable in cooler temperatures
  • Serta Coralee queen firm mattress was obtained by a couple and they were glad that they got the mattress because it was exactly what they were looking for. According to them, the mattress is very firm, easy to get out of the box and only smells like a plastic for a few hours
  • In a review, a customer noted that the mattress expanded very quickly once it was cut out of the packaging. So, be ready for this inflation and be careful not to cut the mattress
  • Another reviewer agreed that the mattress is wonderful and doesn’t get too hot like pillow tops do. This reviewer is a stomach sleeper but has had no problems at all on his back or hips.

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