Serta Firm Mattress Reviews (2019-2020)

Serta mattresses are designed to provide proper back support and enhance a cool temperature throughout the night by taking advantage of the elite technology.

Serta Northlight Firm Mattress

The Serta Northlight Firm Mattress is a premium firm mattress that features Serta’s micro support gel memory foam. This gives you enough comfort when you sleep on it. You won’t have to roll from end to end to get a perfect balance. The mattress helps you put your sleep problem to rest.

The mattress features True Sense 4.0 design with 4-way motion isolation. This will help to avoid disturbance from your partner when they roll around on the bed.

The combo of Serta’s construction and the total edge foam encasement prevents you from rolling off the edge of this mattress. It features an adjustable foundation that allows you to pivot the head up easily.

The classic tailoring of this firm mattress gives it a classic look and few plush comfort layers at the surface. The mattress is best for anyone who prefers to sleep on a harder surface. It is firm, well-made, and comfortable.

The manufacturing company has been around for a long time. They deliver great value and have an excellent customer support.

High quality materials

It is constructed with high-quality material. The cool balance elite technology maintains a balanced sleep temperature. The high-performance fabric, easy flow of air in the mattress, and ventilated coil system combine to make this mattress a great feat.

Premium memory foam 

The memory foam is incorporated with Serta’s micro-support gel. It provides support and reduces the buildup of heat at the surface when you sleep. This cooling action gel foam doesn’t mean that the mattress will be cool when you touch it, but the buildup of heat from your body reduces as you lay on one spot.

A way to test out this feature is to lie on a spot for a long time and then move off to another spot. Then feel how hot the spot you just left is. The temperature will definitely be lower compared to the traditional mattress.

Innerspring system

The innerspring system features ventilated carbon steel coils that are separately wrapped. This enhances an excellent back support and alignment. The impact from your partner’s movement is greatly minimized. You and your partner will have a sound sleep without disturbing each other.

Other cool features

  • It is the official mattress of the National Sleep Foundation (NSF)
  • The mattress comes with 10-year warranty
  • It is 57 pounds heavy
  • The firm mattress has a dimension of 79.5 x 60 x 10.5 inches

What we dislike about Serta firm mattress

This mattress is a high-quality one and we hardly found anything wrong with it. But one not-so-good thing we noticed is that it gets hot when you sleep with a blanket on.

Buyer opinions on Amazon

Here are some of the remarks left on by real buyers about the Serta Northlight Firm Mattress:

  • It is firm but not uncomfortably hard. It holds up well and there isn’t any change at all in its firmness.
  • The mattress is solid but the delivery service is not good enough. It is a mid-grade mattress.
  • This Serta mattress has been used for 10 years without much decline in comfort.
  • It is soft and helps the back greatly. You’ll have your best night sleep with it.
  • The mattress helped to improve back pain issues after sleeping on it for a long time .
  • It gives an amazing support that you’ll hardly want to get out of bed in the morning.
  • The mattress is deep and you may have to buy a new sheet if your sheet is a thinner style.
  • This firm mattress is even better than expected. It’s great to have a full night sleep again.

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Good alternatives to Serta Firm Mattress

Here are some alternatives to the Serta firm mattress.

Serta Roswell Firm Mattress

The Serta Roswell Firm Mattress is a very comfortable mattress that reliefs back pain even if you have degenerative disc disease. You feel the firmness and supportive structure when you lay on it. But you don’t feel the movement of your partner. It is delivered in a huge flat box, unlike some other ones that are rolled and compressed.

Serta Applause II Firm Mattress

The Serta Applause II Mattress is a hybrid mattress that combines the traditional firm mattress and gel memory foam. It is packed with wrapped coils that individually provide the support your body requires to maintain balance. The coils are strategically placed to offer maximum comfort when you sleep.