Sleep Innovations 12-inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress Review

Prestigious two-layer mattress with high quality SureTemp open cell memory foam are crafted for this mattress. It has 20 years warranty with pressure point relief support.

Sleep Innovations 12-inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress Review

We make a review for the Sleep Innovations 12-inch SureTemp memory foam mattress that stated about high ultimate comfort in this mattress that they provided with the extraordinary characteristic of open cell technology.

Sleeping is the most precious thing that make you feel rejuvenate with the right mattress, even your pain will be reduced by the proper mattress. Therefore, if you have a chronic pain that remains occur, you need to review about your bed, whether you already take the proper mattress for you to sleep.

The side sleepers known as individuals who have to sleep with a firm to soft mattresses to get a pleasant sleeping, thus, it is not simple to know which mattress is the best for you to sleep and it will affect you if you buy the wrong mattress as well as your pocket too, of course.

When choosing the best mattress for side sleepers, you need to be more careful because there are numerous brands that provide and said they are number one. But is it? So, we are here to help you to review the best materials for your mattress to make it the best mattress for the side sleepers.

Feature of product              

  • Two layer mattress

The Sleep Innovations 12 inch stated their top-notch high quality premium mattress that made from the SureTemp memory foam in 2.5 inches layer form, and the base layer for support is specially made from 9.5 inch foam that support your body.

  • Suretemp memory foam

For you who don’t know about the SureTemp memory foam, it is an advanced open cell technology that will increased the airflow circulation.

  • Polyester/cotton cover

The top panel of the mattress surface was made by polyester/cotton cover

  • Medium firmness mattress

The mattress feel firm enough but not too soft for the side sleepers.

  • USA foam specially crafted

It made from the USA with special craft from the Sleep Innovation Company.

  • 20 year warranty

Like it said, the warranty is 20 year for this mattress.

  • Anti-dust, Mite and allergenic

It mentioned as the anti-dust, mite and highlight the anti – allergenic materials.

Benefit of using this product

There are several benefit that came from this product and stated as the best at it advantage, this will come handy when you choose the best mattress for side sleepers.

Lessening the pain that occurs

The SureTemp layer will relieve your body from pressure pain, especially for the one who have abnormal spine alignment, and it also will reduce the mid-sleep awakenings that the side sleepers experience during their sleep.

No mattress flipping

This is a special point for this mattress, not like any other mattress that sometimes need mattress flipping to ensure the best outcome from sleeping. This one doesn’t need to be flipped, it is handy especially if you don’t have time to do all the flipping.

Cool provided from the advanced technology

With its best quality in technology and materials, the open cell memory foam provide the best circulation for heat airflow and reducing the body heat to keep the temperature cool.

A top-notch guarantee

Like it said, it has 20 years guarantee for your body comfort that come from this product. This is a great benefit for the best mattress for the side sleeper bed.

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Pros and Cons


  • The side sleeper certainly can gain benefit from the coolness that the mattress provide. The previous generation of memory foam surely don’t have this technology yet. Therefore it is a very good improvement for best mattress for the side sleepers
  • It has two layers with medium firmness that will support the body and reducing the pain at the same time. Moreover, the side sleepers will obtaining the maximum comfort when they are asleep because no awakenings when you use this product.
  • The long-time guarantee up to 20 years because of its endurance.
  • Aligned your body spine to its normal form. Thus, it will be beneficial for individuals who have back pain or spinal problems.
  • Polyester/cotton cover that was specially made for the mattress and provide the anti-dust and mites.


  • It is still quite expensive, but compare than other brands that are highly expensive, this one is quite affordable
  • No washing the mattress, only spot cleaning, because it will damage the mattress. Make sure to clean only with water and mild detergent and no bleach needed.
  • Although it came with the vacuum and properly sealed, it is very heavy and you need someone to bring it to upstairs if you want to put it on second floor, or for the one who have back pain, ensure you hire someone to move the mattress.

Why you should buy this product?

Because it truly provides you with comfort and relieve your pain, it also like it said, reducing the heat with their best advance technology of open air materials, especially for the side sleepers who have back pain and need better take care of their back.

Couple reviews also mentioned their happiness in the service center that provided warranty of the product because it can be claimed without hesitate and they are quickly change the product with the new one.


With its best quality, the mattress meet our demands in price, quality and design. It also the best mattress for side sleepers, that majority of the side sleepers can gain benefit from this mattress directly. It is a 4.5 star rating for this mattress from us, especially when you compare it to other product due to its lower price.

If you looking for the best affordable prices with top-notch quality, then this mattress can be your option to choose. Especially for the side sleepers who need a medium firm mattress.

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