Sleep Master 6-Inch Smooth Top Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress Review

Memory foam is a popular item on the market today, especially in the mattress world. This is all for a good reason. Memory foam forms its shape to the user, providing it the ultimate comfort, a reason why it is popular for shoes and pillows and especially why it is popular for mattresses. Memory foam mattresses offer users an individualized sleep that is as the result of conforming to their specific body type, giving the personalized experience that your body has been wanting.

Sleep Master 6-Inch Smooth Top Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress

Side sleepers will gain the most benefit from memory foam mattresses, as standard innerspring mattresses do not form to the curves of the body so it does not give the right support for a comfortable sleep. With memory foam, it will conform to every curve as you sleep on your side, giving you an amazing balance of support and comfort that feels like you are sleeping on air.

Memory foam mattresses can often come at a much less expensive cost than traditional innerspring mattresses. This can be beneficial to those who are mattress shopping on a budget that wants quality and support. Memory foam is something that you will be addicted to and will want to have more of in every aspect of your life. Memory foam office chairs, please?


  • Layered Mattress

This mattress has 2 layers to maximize comfort. One layer is 1.5” of premium memory foam. The other layer is 4.5” high density foam. The high density foam is what gives you support, but the premium memory foam gives you that pillow like surface that you can just fall asleep in.

  • Compressed Shipping

The mattress comes compressed, making it easy for a couple of people or one really strong person to place it where it needs to go.

  • Certi-PUR-US Certified

This means that the mattress was created according to safety regulations and standards and has gone through rigorous testing before coming to you.

  • Warranty

The mattress comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

  • Environment Friendly

The mattress is made with the environment in mind. Bio Foam is used, which is made with natural seed oil, minimizing the need for petrol based chemicals. They also make this mattress using Evergreen, a green tea extract to neutralize odor. It is also made with ActivCharcoal, which is made from purified charcoal to absorb moisture and minimize odor-causing agents.

Benefits of Using This Product

Memory foam offers numerous benefits to your health and body. This is just one reason why this memory foam product should be the newest addition to your home.

Contouring to Your Shape

If you are a side sleeper, you may notice that the points you sleep on are often very achy first thing in the morning. This is because on a standard mattress, you do not get the support that you need. Memory foam will contour to your shape, giving you proper spine and neck alignment, reducing the back and neck pain that you wake up with. It also helps take the weight off of your pressure points, easing the stress on your joints and muscles and reducing the achiness first thing in the morning.

Reduction in Allergens

Memory foam is made of synthetic materials, which detours dust-mites. Dust-mites are attracted to a mattress by its cotton material, and stick around because they can feed off the dead skin cells that get into the mattress. There is no room for dead skin cells to get into the mattress. As a result, dust-mites are not around. Why is this important? Dust-mites are considered to be the biggest cause of household allergies. If you wake up with puffy eyes, sinus pain, and other unpleasant allergy symptoms, than you may have dust-mites.


Memory foam mattresses can often times be less expensive than the traditional innerspring mattresses. This is great news for those looking for a quality mattress on a budget. You do not sacrifice quality for the price, though some would say that you will get a better quality mattress for this price.


This mattress is made of high quality materials that you can count on for durability. This mattress will last you a decent amount of time, and that will make your wallet and your body happy.

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Pros and Cons


  • Memory foam contours to your body to give you the support that your body needs to wake up pain free while providing you the comfort that you want, so you can sink right into the mattress.
  • The cost is a huge plus, being very reasonable and less expensive than some other options.
  • It is easy to move and setup up.
  • Waking up refreshed and pain free.
  • Using this product causes a reduction in allergies due to not giving the dust-mites a home to live in.
  • If you sleep next to a partner, you will not feel the motion of their tossing and turning. This will help you get limited disturbances when you are trying to sleep.
  • The different layers of this mattress work together really well to help with support and comfort.


  • There is still a strong odor that can be smelled upon opening the package. This will need some time to air out, especially if you are sensitive to strong odors.
  • It may take some time for the bed to decompress. It will take a few hours to a couple of days to fully decompress after being released from the packaging. You should consider making arrangements to accommodate this.
  • Memory foam does have a tendency to get hot, as it absorbs your body heat in order to conform to your body. Some have reported this, others have not. This is a preferential thing, but be warned that it could possibly happen.
  • If you weigh above a certain amount, the mattress may not last as long as memory foam is not very forgiving in this aspect.

Why You Should Buy This Product

This product is well worth the money, especially considering the quality product that you get. This is a much less expensive option in comparison to many other similar options on the market. If you are looking for a good memory foam mattress on a budget, this is the right option for you to choose.


Memory foam mattresses are great for people to invest in, as you are really investing in the quality of sleep that you get. If you find yourself waking up fatigued and sore, you may want to consider switching from your innerspring mattress to a memory foam mattress. Memory foam contours to your shape, evening out the weight distributed as you lay down, making sleep easier on your joints while providing you excellent spine and neck alignment. If you are looking for a change in mattress, this could be the right change for you.

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